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Call in During the Show is 618-421-4522


                                                                                      Mary Marshall  

                                                                                      Mary Marshall


Mary believes what makes any talk radio show all it can be is its listeners. Your comments, opinions, insights, and questions are always welcome.  So don’t be nervous or shy and call in! 618-421-4522

Mary previously worked at an AM radio station on a paranormal talk show. It is this original coming together that spawned the creation of her own broadcast, The Paranormal MD Radio Show. Her knowledge and interests will present and host an array of topics that is centered on the unusual, the odd, and the just plain weird.

Ghosts, Fringe Science, inter-dimensional beings, aliens, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, and conspiracy theories are some of the topics that will be up for discussion. Debates over whether the paranormal field is more science or para-science won’t happen because she believes both are relative. Toss into the mix some current news, some humor, some insight, and some personal perspectives from your show host and her guests, and you have an awesome show you won’t want to miss.

Talk radio just got wiser, weirder,  and more interesting!

Lecture & New Class Starts at Theosophical Society in America, located in Wheaton, IL 

The Science of Paranormal Investigation

Saturdays, May 17 - 31, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. (3 sessions)

Learn the fundamentals behind paranormal investigation as well as what or who you may come across when investigating. Analyze common practices and techniques; explore different types of equipment and software; and learn to integrate different scientific fields and facts into the process of examining the paranormal. Discover why the use of the scientific method and reviewing data for evidence is so important. Then examine the audio, video, and photos, from real cases. 

$85 nonmember   $68 member   Enrollment is for all 3 sessions. 

Register Here

Mary Marshal: hear her talk, Paranormal Investigation on May 15. See Thursday Evening Programs.


Attention Listeners! Be a Guest of The Paranormal MD Radio Show at the Round Table Discussion Panel!


Quarterly, The Paranormal MD Radio Show will choose two people to join the LIVE on air show for an open discussion on a particular pre-chosen topic. I want you the listeners (You) to be able to voice your thoughts, and express your opinions and/or insights! You do NOT need to be an expert on the topic, but you are required to have an opinion and be able express it. If you would like to be considered as a participant, please fill out the form below and submit. IF chosen, you will be contacted 3 weeks prior to your participation in a LIVE show as part of the discussion panel. If chosen and notified, and once you accept, you are committing to The Paranormal MD to be available to participate in the discussion during a LIVE broadcast of the show on the date and time given to you at the time of your notification that you've been chosen. If at the time of you being notified by The Paranormal MD Radio Show that you have been chosen, if you are unable to commit and participate for whatever reason on the given date/time, another person will be selected to fill your spot.

Selection, dates, and more information will be emailed to you a month in advance of the show's airing. Please be patient with my response. Thank you

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                                      "The more I study physics, the more I'm drawn to metaphysics"

                                                                                               ~ Albert Einstein 

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