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Into the Woods – A Case Study on the Wisconsin Sasquatch & Other Phenomenon (Documentary)

This documentary follows Mary Marshall & Jay Bachochin over the course of a year of intensive research. Mary and Jay have two very different approaches and techniques to investigating. Mary is the scientific researcher type, and Jay is the think outside of the box “believer.” We are The X-Files' dollar store version of Mulder and Scully on a dime store budget.

Are all these different types of phenomenon related to one another? Is this area beckoning paranormal activity? Is it a host to a portal of some kind? Various types of bizarre phenomenon is occurring and is making itself known in these woods, and these two individuals combine their years of investigative research experience and set out to discover what it is that is going on there. Although they have very different investigative and research approaches, who have their own separate paranormal research organizations, they successfully show how beneficial it is for paranormal organizations to work together to discover the truth that is out there!

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The Paranormal MD Radio is now on Sticther!

The Paranormal MD Radio is now on Sticther!


You can listen to older past shows here on this site on the On Demand page,and catch up on some past shows you may have missed


In the past Mary has hosted or co-hosted a few different shows besides her own (The Paranormal MD) including, The Mothership at WLIP (no longer on the air), After Hours AM, and Paranormal Geeks. She also continues to appear as a guest on many of the radios shows currently on the air.

                                                                                                                                             Mary Marshall - Photo by Ali Cotton                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                             Mary Marshall - Photo by Ali Cotton                                                                                                                             

Mary believes what makes any talk radio show all it can be is its listeners. Your comments, opinions, insights, and questions are always welcome.  So don’t be nervous or shy and call in! 

Mary previously worked at an AM radio station on a paranormal talk show. It is this original coming together that spawned the creation of her own broadcast, The Paranormal MD Radio Show. Her knowledge and interests will present and host an array of topics that is centered on the unusual, the odd, and the just plain weird.

Ghosts, fringe science, inter-dimensional beings, aliens, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, cryptids, true paranormal crime, and conspiracy theories are some of the topics that will be up for discussion. Debates over whether the paranormal field is more science or para-science won’t happen because she believes both are relative. Toss into the mix some current weird world news, some humor, some insight, and some personal perspectives from your show host and her guests, and you have an awesome show you won’t want to miss.

Talk radio just got wiser, weirder,  and more interesting!


The Paranormal MD Radio Show Presents the 1st Annual Listener Appreciation Event & Investigation last month was a Success! 

It was great to meet those of you who joined me!

The mix n' mingle, and investigate at the haunted Lake of the Red Cedar Museum was a success. This event helped raise funds and support for the restoration of the Lake of Red Cedar Museum.

It was a meet n' greet followed by a real paranormal investigation of the very haunted museum. It was such a pleasure to meet listeners and to investigate with them, also to interact with the spirit entities that dwell within.



                                      "The more I study physics, the more I'm drawn to metaphysics"

                                                                                               ~ Albert Einstein 

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