Matrixing is a term used to describe the human mind's natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors. In other words, our eyes try to make sense out of what we are looking at. Our brain has a tendency to find familiar and identifiable images, like a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects. It is necessary for our brains to do this otherwise we wouldn’t be able to read, identify each other, or daily objects, places, etc. However, this same ability can also cause us to be deceived at times. Many photos that are posted on line or elsewhere seen that claim to have ghostly faces, bodies, etc in them are nothing more than visual matrixing.

Matrixing can also occur with sound. We as investigators listen to hours and hours of audio searching for anomalies or voices from ...beyond our sight and ear shot. Often noises like the whining of something mechanical can sound like a voice, or crying, or even music. The sound of gravel moving under foot can even sound like a male voice or growling. This simply, once again, is our brain trying to identify these sounds as something familar. This is why it is imperative to listen carefully to your audio so you can learn to identify all the sound, even the minutest sounds to better discern what exactly you are hearing. There is expensive audio equipment that can make this job easier for you. There is also expensive sound board type equipment that will allow you to better dissect your audio too. However, if you can’t afford these items, than a logical mind and patience, along with a good set of headphones will work just fine. However, I must admit that at times you still may have an audio clip or two that you just won’t be sure of the source or content until further analysis is done on it with the aforementioned equipment.