Paranormal Investigators Need Policing

Although I've been in the field of the paranormal for years, like others as of late, I've become more organized and whole lot more educated in the past few years. The field and science has become so much more advanced and sophisticated. Due to the public exposure on TV, thanks to the original Ghost Hunters way back when who slowly gained an audience and then seemed to burst into the mainstream. This was a double edge sword though for those of us in the private sector. Why? The Good: All the public attention, curiosity, and multitude of shows on the airwaves now, has helped push forward the technical aspects, and new equipment is now continuously be made, studied, and used. Also, due to it all becoming so main stream, and the wonders of the internet too, so much more information on a multitude of subject matters regarding the paranormal is now available. The ability to learn from each other is a wonderful thing. The comfort those who have a need for a paranormal investigator and help can now have without feeling they may be persecuted or called crazy is good. However, with these good aspects and others, comes the bad too.

The Bad: It has been brought to my attention by potential clients who have contacted me for answers and help that there are some real unscrupulous people out there. People who claim to be serious investigators but really don’t have a clue what they are doing. Furthermore, they often try charging clients for their services. Also there is a misrepresentation to the public happening. I had one client who was told this: First I will come out as a medium and see what I pick up on, and then I’ll do a cleansing of your house. Now I may have to come back more than once…and I can hold a séance, etc.

The woman….who represented herself as a paranormal “group” never spoke about an investigation…or research…or much of anything that related to anything but her and her own psychic abilities. AND she was charged the client $65.oo for her first visit and something like 85 cents per mile as travel expenses.

Then in another case, there was the ghost hunting group who were nothing more than a young group of thrill seeking goofballs. Who damaged furniture in the owner’s house…home. Never supplied any report or information back to the owner, and never returned calls or came back. They left these scared owners worse off than they were.

The influx of wanna be investigators who are only out for themselves, hoping to experience a real live haunted house not just on Halloween, has become a detriment to the science, study, and serious pursuit of us investigators who are serious about this field. Those of us who have a sincere concern for others and want to help give the living comfor,t or peace of mind because they are affected by the dead or what they think is the dead.

I have issue with the following: The picture/video hoaxes, the con artist and scammers trying to make a fast buck, the simple minded, the unskilled who often hurt rather than help, the uneducated, unorganized, and sloppy groups that now roam the land now is disturbing.

I could go on more about those present themselves as legitimate investigators or researchers or on more about those who prey on others and their fears but for now I won’t…for now.

In this ghostly field and paranormal realm, the word “Beware” takes on a whole new meaning now. So my friends and readers, make sure to put up your “Beware” sign not to intimidate the ghost but to ward off those trying to “catch” the ghosts, or take advantage of you.