What is Proof?

There is more to reality than is currently explainable by mankind’s logic and the scientific community. So much of what we think of as scientific proof or fact is really just theory. A very knowledgeable scientist or panel of scientists conduct a specific study of some sort, and conclude due to the results gathered to be evidence to support their theories. In fact, these theories are then often purported as fact or proof, unless there remain still unknown factors that they theorize about and think may attribute their final results so it can be deemed “conclusive”. In the meantime, we as a society often believe these theories as the existence of proof, but are they? In science, logic, reason, and deduction are applied until no other known method and thus explanation can be ascertained. The end result provides us with evidence and thus fact to prove the theory at hand. Even lack of a result provides us with evidence. Einstein ran experiments to prove his theories. Even lack of a way to obtain the “correct and absolute” method or answer provided him with an answer, or proof. Because if all known logical or theoretical ways are disproved, than the results, even if seemingly absurd, is what is as left as the result is an answer. Let’s follow this thought process along in a different direction. The existence of dreams can't be proven, but we, including all scientists, believe they exist. Not because of definitive proof. The occurrence of brain activity is no more proof of dreams, than what has already been documented as “proof” in any other field that deals with the testing of theories. The problem at hand with dreams is this: Brain activity in itself does not, and cannot, and never will, prove the existence of dreams. It only proves that that the activity seems to occur in association with or at or near times of when a person reports to have been dreaming. Yet, dreams are an excepted occurrence we all believe exist because we've all experienced it.

So why then do so many people brush off the existence of paranormal activity, or ghostly activity, or the like as non existent, or as nonsense, or believing there no “proof” even though evidence has suggested otherwise?

So what is “proof”? What has to be provided by those in the paranormal community for the general population to accept the evidence provided as proof in lieu of any elusive logical explanation?