I May Have a Para-Problem

I think I may have a Para-problem I keep having to resist the urge to use the prefix “Para” before things I say in my post that have to do with the paranormal. Allow me to explain…..

On my Facebook page and profile for The Paranormal MD I used the term Para People Pics for a new photo album on there. I did stop myself after that one, but I think my constant studying and exposure to everything paranormal has tainted my brain some. I mean, if I have a para-problem with my para-phrases, like para-portals, etc, and I’ve become a para-nut I think I may commit para-suicide and join the para-peeking ghosts that have spied on me and I on them. PLEASE somebody get me off of the para-go-round before it’s too late and I just succumb to becoming a para-geek. :o)