The Relevance of The Space-Time Continuum - Revised

You may have heard the phrase “time slip” used in the past. A time slip could occur if one dimension slips into another. Other term associated with this one is: colliding dimensions, a tear in the fabric of time, time portals, wormholes, and so on. What all of these have in common is their association with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the space-time continuum. These “phrases” we use have much more to do with the science of physics than with science fiction as many seem to think. In addressing this topic and it’s relation to ghosts, or a haunting, and other paranormal activity, I first need to start with a little background information and scientific jargon. I promise to get through this part as quickly as possible so as to not bore you with daunting scientific details.

The first thing to note is that as humans in this vast universe we have personal perseptions that are quite limited. Within the time-space continuum, we are aware of and experience 4 dimensions, the fourth being the concept that space-time combines space and time within a single coordinate system, typically with three spatial dimensions: length, width, height, and one temporal dimension: time. There also are several proposed space-time theories that include additional dimensions. How many dimensions are needed to describe the universe is still an open question that no one knows the answer to yet. However, let’s briefly explore a couple of these theories now.

In string theory, elementary particles are not point-like, but instead are more like or similar to strings. In this speculative theory it is predicted that there may be 10 or 26 dimensions. There are various forms of string theory and each requires the existence of at least six extra spatial dimensions.

Brane theory is a short for "membrane" and is also sometimes referred to as the M-Theory, and would be viewed as a sheet floating in a fifth dimension. The M-theory predicts 11 dimensions: 10 spatial and 1 temporal.

One excepted theory is that these other dimensions beyond what we consciously know now are copies, but not exact replicas of our own world, our own self. I find this theory particularly interesting, and plausible. However, I believe in the theory that other dimensions are really not just different “worlds” or copies of our own, but temporal, and that each dimension would be comparable to what we understand a year of time to be. "Time” as we know it and live it, is playing itself out accordingly like our own dimension. It is possible that time does not run linear, but may coexists side by side in other dimensions. As humans our awareness of time and space is usually limited by our own dimensional existence, within our own space and time, and is usually not affected by these other time dimensions. However, if a clash of dimensions were to occur, then we could be witness to time slips or wormholes.

In our minds we pass the years one by one, one after another, moving forward; year 1999, year 2000, and so on. You could compare the passing of time like our use of linear measurements. It’s kind of like taking measurements of an object or in this case space/time with a ruler. You start at the beginning and calculate 1 inch at a time and as you move up the ruler in a linear fashion in specific spatial increments… 2 inches, 3 inches, and so on. So let’s use a ruler to represent the passing of time. It will really help if you try to see an actual ruler in your head as I move forth with this explanation.

Picture a ruler in your head, and each inch on the ruler represents a year; inch number 1 /year 1. In this view, time would start at the beginning in year 1 and move forward one at a time until we reach the end of our existence at year 12 (I know only 12, but just stay with me on this). This ruler represents space-time running linear, in a straight forward sequential motion. We move forward through each inch which represents each year, one at a time, remembering our experiences of what has passed as we go. We are aware that more years lie ahead of us, but we have not experienced it yet, thus there is no conscious comprehension of its space. We assume in our conscious known world we cannot move backwards to what has passed, nor are we able to jump ahead, and that we can only move forward in specific spatial and temporal increments.

Okay, I know this may be getting confusing…please stay with me on this as it gets easier and does make sense.

What if space-time does not run in a forward linear motion only as described above, but coexists in a different way that is normally inaccessible to us? What if space-time coexists side by side? I want you to now picture in your mind a horse track and race. At the starting gates all the horses are lined up next to each other, side by side. When the race begins all the gates open at the same time and the horses take off into their designated lanes which are only separated by a visually thin line. As the race continues you will notice that often the horses cross over into other lanes other than their own which were originally designated for them. When a crossing like this occurs the horses risk bumping into each other, and occasionally the horses do bump together.

The gates represent the beginning of time as we know it and exist side by side, and as the race begins all gates open simultaneously. Each lane represents a dimension, and each dimension represents a year, and each has its own lane that is only separated by a visually thin line that can easily be crossed.

This example is a rudimental analogy of time playing itself out in other (side by side) dimension to our own. It is time (other years past or future) existing in a different “realm” or dimension. If dimensional clashes were to occur, or a tear, wormhole, or portal exists, or is accidentally created between dimensions, a time slip may occur. Meaning, we could bump into other living people, etc., and they into us, literally, or figurative and we become witness to oddities we can’t explain. The “other side” is really the same world we live in, but it is just a different year/time than currently in our own realm.…or as described above, like a crossing over into another lane other than our own and vice versa.

When it is said that “time is relative”, in its simplest terms, it means time is a perspective. And that perspective is thought of in our own individual mind, in this tangibly viewed world of ours.

In the paranormal field we come across what is referred to as ghosts or entities. These “other worlders” may not be ghosts at all, but we suspect that some of the intelligent interactions, as well as some of the residual activity may be due to a crossing over of dimensions created by a collision, a tear, time slip, or wormhole. Some may be temporary or permanent. It is possible that some of what we witness is not the dead, but we are witnessing people who are very much alive. People who are living their lives out in a normal timely fashion, just like us, but in their own dimension. And when we come across them with startled eyes and/or ears, because we think they are ghosts, they too are startled by us, and may think we are ghosts.

It is even possible while we think of them as ghosts of a time passed and gone, they may view us like we are aliens from the future. They may also view us as if we are their past and they may think we are dead. So as ridiculous as it sounds, as of now this all does remain a possibility, and no one knows for sure yet what it is that many experience. We are still limited by our own current scientific understanding. However, our limited perspectives according to what we know now should not preclude other possibilities. For if we were to rule out these possibilities than we might as well just label Einstein as nothing more than delusional.

With all that has been said, additional dimensions to the ones we’ve come to love and know as our reality may also lend itself to other types of ghostly sightings now known as residual haunts. Residual haunts that some refer to as energy imprints may occur if there is a tear or ripple in the fabric of time, a dimensional tear that would be better descibed as a portal or wormhole. It may be possible that what often comes across as a film loop (seeing/hearing a repeat of the same "scene" over and over again) isn’t really residual imprinted energy, but just a glimpse though a specific portal or wormhole in time into another dimension. It would be kind of like looking at something through a tiny hole or tear. It is impossible to see everything going on all around everywhere and we’d only see a bit or portion from a specific vantage point. If the wormhole remains open to that specific point in time, it would only be a snapshot of that time,  or a video clip of a moment in time. And although this is all that we see and/or hear, the fact may be that life is moving along in a full and complete and timely fashion on the other side of this small pin pointed hole, but we just can’t see it.

So at this point in the article you Christians are yelling, “But Mary, what about intelligent interactions with those that we know are dead? What about the belief in heaven?” My answer to you is this: As a Christian I believe in the existence of heaven, and since no one in this realm can definitively with proof tell me otherwise, I believe that heaven most definitely exists. Since heaven is a place we can't normally see from our realm, I believe it simply exist in another dimension. The intricacies of God and the universe are quite amazing.

In conclusion, the discovery of, and definitive proof of multiple dimensions, as suspected and theorized by the scientific community may be the key to unlocking the answers to the explanations we currently seek in the paranormal community and in general as humans.