Apology, Bad EVP Post

So this evening I decided to check into my blog. It crossed my mind to take a listen to the EVP I posted about a week ago. I intentionally wanted to listen to it via my TV (bad thing to do. I explain below why)     I asked, "Are you aware of time as we perceive it?" A male answered, "No." So here's the thing....when I clipped that EVP I was at my computer wearing headphones. That was the last time I listened to it, and then I posted it on The Paranormal MD blog. As I listened this evening without headphone I could hear it doesn't sound anything like it does with my headphones on. On here I can hear the amplification begin and then the "No" sounds like a snap, it doesn't sound anything like someone saying the word, no......I'm so sorry I didn't check the sound on here when I posted it. I should have as I know some EVPs when uploaded and posted just don't come across without the use of headphones. The volume is way off, tones are off, it just seems they get slightly distorted. Usually I have to extra amplify, etc. The problem is that many times you can only amplify so much before it becomes totally distorted. Anyway, the bottom line, I will try to fix it so it will play better via the Internet over speakers, and repost the revision. If I can't fix it I will let you know. By the way, for those of you who have their computer hooked up to their TV, unless you have an external sound system for your TV, don't even try to listen to EVPs on your TV. Many TVs these days do not have the same range as computer speakers, and you may totally miss hearing an EVP. It all depends on the frequency and decibel of the EVP. For instance when I just listened now through my TV speakers, I missed hearing it at all the first time. I had to turn my TV speakers’ way up just to catch it at all, and like I said, it doesn’t sound as it should at all.

Follow up Note 8-21-12:  I tried to amplify and clean up the EVP I previously posted and reference above here. However, I was unable to get a clear copy of the EVP to post so I have removed it from my blog.