What Do You Think is Being Said - EVP #4

This is not me or another investigator. This is a voice I did not hear at the time while in the basement, but was later discovered on my digital audio recorder. There is no lead/out, but just the actual EVP itself. It comes quick so be prepared to listen immediately. What do you think she is saying?  EVP #4 - What Do You think is Being Said


Webster's Dictionary defines infrasonic, or infrasound, as "1: having or relating to a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. 2: utilizing or produced by infrasonic waves or vibrations." Theories on Infrasound and its Effect on Humans

Infrasound waves hug the ground, and travel for long distances without losing strength. Not much amplitude is needed to produce negative effects in the human body, and even mild infrasound exposure requires several hours, or possibly even days, to reverse symptoms.

Man-made structures, such as engines, cars, trains, motorcycles, and airplanes also produce infrasound. John Cody noted that pilots exposed to infrasonic vibrations of jet chassis experience a reduction in "vision, speech, intelligence, orientation, equilibrium, and the ability to accurately discern situations, and make reasonable decisions."

Depending on the pitch, infrasound can cause physical pressure,  fear, disorientation, and negative physical and mental symptoms.

Please note there are varying degrees in the infrasound range and those that cause the most negative and damaging effects is not a common occurrence. It is something that can often be noticed physically, but in low levels the vibrations may not noticeably felt, but nonetheless it may still affect you.

Infrasound disrupts the normal functioning of the middle and inner ear, and may lead to nausea, imbalance, impaired equilibrium, immobilization, and disorientation. Exposure to even mild doses of infrasound can lead to illness in some people.

The Infrasound frequency can appear frequently under natural conditions. Infrasound may arise when strong gusts of wind clash with chimneys or towers. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at one time or another during your life. This heavy base sound penetrates even through very thick walls. Such sound waves start rumbling in tunnel-shaped corridors.

Long pipe organs, such as those found in churches and cathedrals produce infrasound. In one UK study, the extreme bass frequencies instilled strange feelings at a concert hall. Effects were "extreme sense of sorrow, coldness, anxiety, and even shivers down the spine." (source; Organ Music Instills Religious Feelings,' by Jonathan Amos, 9/8/2003)

Some cars are equipped with a boom type device initiated with a  button. These devices generate large amplitude pressure/low frequency noise. When the “burp button” is used, it activates a low-band pass-filter which forces all of the amplifier's power through the sub-woofer speakers at frequencies lower than a certain number of Hertz. At extremely low frequencies, it becomes infrasound. Thus you feel the blast of noise, as well as hear it. Which may explain why some humans like booming subwoofers in their vehicles and/or homes, and it is not just a “cool and popular” status meaning as we as a society have come to believe. We’ve all tried to block the sound from these cars when next to them stopped at a traffic light. Rolling up the wondow to block the sound doesn’t work, because you still continue to feel the vibrations and of course, how much it annoys us.

Infrasonic vibrations can also be pleasantly stimulating in mild levels. The effects of brief, mild exposure can give a feeling of invigoration for hours. While a person may feel euphoric, the body is being subjected to an elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and a release of endorphins which is similar to the "fight or flight" adrenaline response. Feeling the effects of high-intensity/low-frequency sound can be addictive,  partially due to the release of endorphins in the body.

Interestingly, Walt Disney and his artists accidentally experienced infrasound on one occasion. A cartoon sound effect was slowed from 60 cycles per second to 12 cycles per second via a tape-editing machine and was amplified through the theater system. The resulting tone, though brief in duration, produced in the entire crowd nausea that lingered for several days. 100 Cycles Per Second (Hz) - At this level, a person experiences irritation, "mild nausea, giddiness, skin flushing, and body tingling." Following this, a person undergoes "vertigo, anxiety, extreme fatigue, throat pressure, and respiratory dysfunction." (Source; the Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau, by Gerry Vassilatos)

 There are still a lot of theories about infrasound in question, but it is important that people and paranormal investigators in particular are aware of its existence and affects.

Physicists studying the effects of infrasound upon the human body have reported that  participants in their experiments complained of weariness,  pressure in the eyes and in the ears, but there was never a mention of hallucinations or ghosts. More results from other studies revealed the following.

Infrasound Toxicological Summary, November 2001 - "When male volunteers were exposed to simulated industrial infrasound of 5 and 10 Hz and levels of 100 and 135 dB for 15 minutes, feelings of fatigue, apathy, and depression, pressure in the ears, loss of concentration, drowsiness, and vibration of internal organs were reported. In addition, effects were found in the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system. Synchronization phenomena were enhanced in the left hemisphere. Visual motor responses to stimuli were prolonged, and the strength of the effect was reduced. Heart rate was increased during the initial minutes of exposure. Heart muscle contraction strength was reduced. Respiration rate was significantly reduced after the first minute of exposure." (Sorry, I failed to note the citation for this paragraph of information)

Human reactions to infrasound

20 Hz is considered the normal low frequency limit of human hearing. When pure sine waves are reproduced under ideal conditions and at very high volume, a human listener will be able to identify tones as low as 12 Hz. Below 10 Hz it is possible to perceive the single cycles of the sound, along with a sensation of pressure at the eardrums.

Infrasound has been known to cause feelings of awe or fear in humans. Since it is not consciously perceived, it can make people feel vaguely that supernatural events are taking place.

The Ghost in the Machine

Research by Vic Tandy, a lecturer at Coventry University, suggested that the frequency 19 Hz was responsible for many ghost sightings. He was working late one night alone in a supposedly haunted laboratory at Warwick, when he felt very anxious and could detect a grey blob out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to face it, there was nothing.

The following day, he was working on his fencing foil, with the handle held in a vice. Although there was nothing touching it, the blade started to vibrate wildly. Further investigation led him to discover that the extraction fan was emitting a frequency of 18.98 Hz, very close to the resonant frequency of the eye (given as 18 Hz in NASA Technical Report 19770013810). This was why he saw a ghostly figure — it was an optical illusion caused by his eyeballs resonating. The room was exactly half a wavelength in length, and the desk was in the centre, thus causing a standing wave which was detected by the foil.

Tandy investigated this phenomenon further and wrote a paper entitled The Ghost in the Machine. He carried out a number of investigations at various sites believed to be haunted, including the basement of the Tourist Information Bureau next to Coventry Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle.

No Lights Please!

[gallery order="DESC"] Ever wonder why investigations are held at night after it gets dark, or a why the old habit of using a camera flash or flashlight is becoming something of the past. As they should not be used unless it is absolutely needed. I'm no expert, but this is mine and many others understanding of quantums influence on the subject matter.

Basically, all physical matter is a frequency. In quantum physics...we are all made up of atoms which has both an uncharged neutron and positively charged neuron. The molecular structure/atoms/matter cannot exist without a negative wave of electrons surrounding it which creates a neutralization.  This band of electrons basically holds the matter together and binds it into a specific solid matter...it creates solid matter. Without it...we and nothing else would exist. We would be free floating energy, it seems much like the entities we encounter. The problem we encounter in locating the “energy” from the “other side” is probably a dimensional one to boot, but although electrons may be a specific point, it is an alternating wave so it constantly changes and is hard to find/see. In order to see it we would shine light on it. However, light itself is a wave or frequency and the introduction of a new wave disturbs the electron and thus the object. The substance of what we’ve come to know in our world… our universe as matter, something solid and tangible, is really just energy…a series of waves.

So, as you can see, one of the reason investigations are held at night in the dark has a very legitimate and logical reason behind it. Paranormal investigating is a learning process for us all. New technologies, as well as old scientific theories or laws are being revisited to help us better understand what we need to do to better accomplish our goals.

So, don’t use your camera flash or flashlight unless you have to!

“Boys, boys, crazy boys, get cool boys!”

“Boys, boys, crazy boys, get cool boys!” Much like the 1960’s musical, West Side Story, that told the story of division and played itself out like a school yard turf war fight, seems to me,  may be what is going on behind the scenes in the paranormal community too. Disputes that are apparent are creating a division that is not going to turn out good for anyone involved.

The two most prevalent gangs…I mean, teams, left standing before the public eye that are more openly opposing each other is The Ghost Adventurers (GAC) and the Ghost Hunters (for now I’ll leave Ghost Hunter International out of the mix) Both of these powerful forces have carved out a place for themselves with paranormal enthusiasts amongst the television viewing public. Both have become pop culture celebrities too. Both have their own very different from each other style of carrying out investigations, as well as beliefs on the topic of the paranormal. Both are also creating, separate of each other, an official paranormal database of existing or new (if you qualify to be a member) list of active paranormal teams. I think the original thought behind this was to create for themselves a list of teams that are considered qualified and locally available to a specific region. Local paranormal investigating groups that they can send cases to, and/or to have these regional team members pre-investigate for them. If an existing GAC or GH team within their own organization feels the need to call in the big guns, than that local/regional team contacts the GAC heads or GH heads. I would think this should create a nice database of information regarding cases, evidence, and leads of suspected haunted places. I’m not really sure what type of information exactly either of these organizations is gathering, much less what they are doing with that information. I know I would like to know, don’t you too? What kind of information are they gathering from the teams that sign up with their organizations? What are they doing with it? Does an official member’s database of investigating procedure, protocol, evidence or the like exist? Besides, what are they doing with all of their own evidence? Does it get passed along to science labs or the like for further evaluation? Who owns this information and evidence?

What disturbs me about these two power players is their need for exclusivity and division across the playing field, not just within the world of television either. I’ve stated before being a paranormal investigator or researcher is more of an industry now than ever before, but if this field is to progress and be taken seriously by all, not just paranormal enthusiast, there needs to be a coming together.  I still believe in the intent of both of these organizations, but I question where it is they will lead us to when all is said and done.

I love both these organizations and their figure heads in their own right for different reasons. However, as your everyday, common paranormal investigator and researcher, I find myself feeling the need to tread lightly and/or walk a fine line due to the fact that I haven’t chosen to align myself with one main popular group over the other. If I join one over the other it is likely that someone from the other camp that I haven’t joined up with is going to cross to the other side of the street if they see me coming…. Or more accurately, I will be the one forced to cross to the other side of the street. These organizations are at root and key to the coming together of the common investigator/researcher.

I love both the west side and the east side. I think both of these organizations is sincere in their own personal pursuit of gaining knowledge into the paranormal, and believes what they are doing will advance the field of paranormal studies into a mainstream science. I am a fan of both shows. I appreciate how they’ve brought the paranormal world to the forefront and to the attention of the general public. I also like that this attention is bringing money and development to the technological, engineering, and scientific side of paranormal exploration. However, I think they’ve both been swept up by the media frenzy, and the executive producers, and advertising executives that have much to say about their television presence. I see it as good intensions gone awry. Sadly, the casualty of the west side/east side battle is going to be the sincere advancement of the paranormal field and widespread acceptance of the field within the scientific community and with the public. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many new brilliant minded faces now tackling the paranormal field because of them, but at what cost?

Can’t we all just get along ...play nice…and work together towards a common goal? Ahhh, maybe I’m just too naive a person, and maybe the answer is, we can’t.

EVP #3 - What do you think is being said

This is a class A EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena - A voice that is not audibly heard with your ears at the time, but later discovered on the recording upon review). The noise in the background was ambient to the location in which this was captured. It actually created a good and consistent white background noise. The only two people present at the time are another male investigator and me. You will here me say something about wanting to move camera location. It seems I got a response by a woman. There is a slight drop in the background hiss in the beginning, due to me removing it in part. EVP#3

Change and Accountability

As time has passed, I’ve looked at all the pieces of the paranormal puzzle. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the issues or problems within the paranormal community/field that concern me, and should concern others,  could be solved by creating one governing body to oversee all paranormal investigators and researchers. The paranormal field as a whole, will never be considered its own scientific field for several reasons unless there is change on how things are done. There needs to be one methodology used for the investigating process and the collection of evidence. Otherwise, it all remains a bunch of unrelated anomalies because you can’t compare apples and oranges…think scientific method. I don’t know how it should come to be, but I do believe it has become necessary for this to happen. Now you may ask why, and I will explain. (This is a longer than usual blog article so set aside a few minutes to read this one) I consider myself reasonably educated about the paranormal, and the areas that I may lack knowledge in is hopefully compensated by the knowledge or expertise another member on my team. However, I think there needs to be a formal education of not just the investigative process, but of some basic sciences as it applies to the paranormal. Some basic scientific theories or laws from various scientific fields need to be considered and incorporated into the paranormal studies. Other areas outside of the sciences should to be formally taught too. Also, specifics for submissions into a collective and colaborative database should be set in place. This would be helpful so that we may discern just what, and/or how much external factors we can’t control, like solar flares, etc. do indeed effect paranormal activity. I also, at least in part, think that the same procedures and methodology should be used among all investigators, along with how to practically apply these things when investigating and/or reviewing evidence.  Yes, there should be different approaches, experiments, etc., but I think you know what I mean.

Confidentiality between client and investigator is one thing that should be done and respected, but some groups have become so guarded that their investigations and information gathered is more like a secretive ops mission which causes more detriment to the field than anything else.  Even when no contracted client is involved (client cases probably make up less than half, and that’s a generous guestamate on my part), many teams guard the source of their evidence from public investigations, like a starving wolf would its food. To me this mentality is only self serving, selfish and not useful. What if Madame Curie took on this attitude of, I know something you don’t. This behavior is not helpful and only detrimental to furthering the field and finding the answers to the many mysteries we all so desperately want solved.

Maybe there needs to be three camps, per say. One with a strictly scientific approach, one with a more metaphysical approach, and one made of the average Joe, like me, who is knowledgeable and good at what they do and may even excel at it, according to the standards set in place now. I must include this last category, as I don’t want to totally screw myself and other comrades out of a much loved job. All three of these groups must register and report to, and be held accountable to, one expert council that governs that is held in place by a majority vote by the members.

Most critical to all this, regardless of how it is set up, is the necessity for open communication and colaborbation amongst all investigators and researchers, and a collective and shared database amongst all who are involved. Otherwise all the pieces we gather as individual remains just that pieces of a very elaborate and extensive puzzle. It’s like taking a brush full of paint and whipping the paint from the brush in hand at a wall. It just becomes a collection of a bunch of unrelated paint specs on a canvas or barren wall.

At the very least, regardless of all I’ve said in this article, I suggest what should be noted and implemented immediately is the registration of any and all involved in paranormal investigating and research. Registration should be with one accredited, formally designated, and accepted governing body that is chosen and voted in by its members. A sort of unionization of all members may be helpful as a second step.

Let me at this point, stop, and let you, my readers know…There are a lot of really good, sincere, and reputable, and communicative teams out there, but sadly, I don’t believe they are the majority.

Internet evidence posting of “evidence”, which started as a humble way of sharing information amongst enthusiast, and/or an attempt to try and bring “proof” out into the open, has become more of a “look at me, look at me, and how awesome a catch I have” scenario. Also, there is way too many people posting stuff  that believe they have “something” paranormal or ghostly when they really don’t. This may mostly be done not as an intentional deceit, but simply because they aren’t educated enough about the review process and its pitfalls. All too often, education, money, and resources aren’t available for individuals or they aren’t technologically savvy, or just they didn’t receive any guidance through the learning process of becoming an investigator and/or researcher. However, there is also high prevelance of individuals who are technologically savvy who get a kick out of posting things to intentionally deceive others.

Another problem, just slightly different than one I mentioned a little earlier above, is an unhealthy competiveness that leads to groups not willing to share. …think, of that awesome spinach dip recipe you keep asking your friend for, but she keeps putting off giving it to you, and if and when you get it, inevitably she’s intentionally left out an ingredient.

There is an increasing exploitatio occurring too. Exploitation of clients and the general public. The paranormal business has become quite the money making business as of late. Every yahoo from here to Brazil is trying to make a buck using the paranormal as its vehicle. Now please, at this point, don’t confuse this with those who openly and honestly pursue the paranormal in a sincere way, and who are using there own cash to subsidize and further along sincere investigating or research. These investigators/researchers are sincerely trying to collect answers, help people, and, let face it, make ends meet in their own personal lives. I actually support those who sacrifice so much of their time, money, and freedom to pursue the paranormal in a way that will ultimately help all. As long as they aren’t making money off of people or families in need of help….I support their outside endeavors to make money with their gained knowledge. However, there are a lot of unprofessional and unscrupulous characters out there that are taking advantage of people. Feeding fears or feeding off fears with no other intent but to make a buck for themselves. In other words, they are jumping on the paranormal bandwagon and taking some unsuspecting individual or business for a shady ride. There are many individuals or groups who basically con others for their own self serving profit too. Blatant misrepresentation that ends with the taking of money from an individual or family under some sort of pretense.

The lack of sincerity, education, and professionalism among many investigative groups is apparent too. I’ve personally heard of a lot of groups that go on investigations that are more like a ghost “hunts”. These team members and those in attendance with them are drinking alcohol while investigating. Some show up to investigate and then never report back at all to the client, or are providing them with shoty evidence. Then there are the thrill seekers that have no real experience or particular knowledge at all.  I call it the year round Halloween haunted house experience. Now mind you, when something exciting happens, I love the thrill part too,  but that is only one small aspect of the intrigue and appeal.

Public investigations are locations in which the business or property owner allows paranormal investigation groups access to their location at a cost. I call these types of investigations, investigative outings. They are not client contracted by either an individual or business. Meaning, no one called the group and asked the team to come in and investigate. These places think they have activity, sometimes based in fact and sometimes not, and they essentially are making money off of groups that come in and want to check it out for themselves. These type of outings for me are relaxed and fun, and a great way/place to train new investigators too.

Recently I tried to get my group into two different public locations that report activity and allowed paranormal groups to come in for investigations. When I called and spoke with the manager of the facilities I was told that no more groups/teams will be allowed in. Apparently, there had been hundreds, and in one instance, thousands of dollars worth of property damage and theft that occurred at the hands of a previous paranormal team that had been there.

Lastly, at least for now, the reason one governing body should be considered and may need to happen is there needs to be accountability of those of us who call themselves paranormal investigators. Background checks on all investigators should be required (Note: many reputable paranormal teams already do this). Maybe something like a certification or license with a grading system should be offered by the one governing board of experts and scientist. This would at least ensure the public knows who and what they are getting in an investigator and/or researcher.  There is so much to be considered and I don’t suggest that I have the answers. I’m only suggesting that there needs to be some sort of accountability that will ensure public safety, and provide a consistent methodology in procedures, in the collection of evidence, and the reviewing of it. Some of these ideas and suggestions, along with one organized database, may be worth exploring for the benefit of the public, and the growth of the paranormal industry…and much to my dismay it is more of an industry now than anything else. It’s an industry full of a lot of different schools of fish trying to navigate the currents and tides in a big ocean in which the water is way above their heads.

If paranormal investigators/researchers truly want to be taken serious within the scientific community as a whole, as well as with the general public, and if we want answers beyond what the sciences, metaphysics, etc. supplies us with now, we need to move forward in a more constructive manner than we are doing now.

Why is Bob Naked?!

At one point or another we’ve all questioned, why it is that when a person sees a ghost they are always wearing clothes? Now come on…you know you’ve wondered… There are several theories as to why sighting of these illusive entities, if seen as full bodied apparitions, are always described as wearing some particular type of clothing. One theory; our brain, in trying to decipher the energy imprint and or experience tries to visually relate it to something familiar stored in our memory bank. Closely related to this theory, and only a slight step to the side is the simple belief that we see what we expect to see. In other words we don’t really want to see grandma standing naked before us. Another theory is that the entities themselves “show” themselves to us as they want us to see them or in a way that is familiar to us.

I’m not sure if I buy into any of these theories. All too often people who report ghost sightings individually of each other, and at different times, usually report very similar, if not an identical description of the clothing they saw the apparition wearing. So with this in mind, I’m not convinced of any one theory yet. One thing I’m sure of is a majority of people are traumatized enough from the experience of just seeing a ghost. Now add in seeing grandma nude,  in all her glory....that might just send many into therapy for years. It would give a whole new meaning to the term “flashed”.

Let’s say my dear brother Bob passes on from this life into the next. Then one evening I’m sitting chatting with my sister over our sadness in how much we miss Bob. Then just as tears are filling our eyes, Bob appears as a full bodied apparition there in the room with us, right before our eyes. My sister and I are both startled but delighted to see him…well, except for one disturbing thing …Bob is completely nude. It is at this point with my head cocked to the right and my face cringing, I turn to my sister and say with shocking disbelief, “Why is Bob naked?!” And without missing a beat she replies, “I don’t know, but apparently what they say about German men is true"...and then we both bust out laughing. Our laughter quickly fades as we notice that Bob doesn’t seem to notice or care that he is standing in front of us baring all. Then it all just gets weird and creepy.

Now with all this being said, let’s say Bob, while living on this earth, was a nudist. He lived in a nudist community/village. Being naked is natural, comfortable, and an acceptable state of being for both Bob and Bob’s family. So here’s my question: Do those people who consider themselves “nudist” mostly see their ghosts with NO clothes on? Oh, how I wish I could interview a nudist community, and take a survey to find out the answer to this question. Hmmm… I think I may just have to put this interview idea on my "to do" list.

my apologies to any German men who may have been offended by remarks in this article. It's just a little humor! ;o)

The Paranormal Field - A Scientific Field or Not?


The paranormal field and/or phenomena has yet to be defined or accepted as a legitimate “scientific” field of science. You will notice throughout this article I have made bold many words or phrases for you to note.

According to the New World Encyclopedia:

Paranormal, meaning "outside the norm," is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena that cannot be explained by current scientific knowledge. Parapsychologists use the term parapsychological phenomena or Psi to describe these phenomena. While research into these phenomena has become well established, due in great part to the pioneering work of J. B. Rhine, many continue to be skeptical and regard belief in the paranormal as based more on faith than science.

This is really disturbing to me considering that the many fields of “science” is made up of more theories, much like the paranormal field, than by law. Science is ideas, theories, hypotheses that have been implemented, studied, and experimented with in order to prove, or not, the validity of what started out as an idea or theory, and may eventually culminate into scietific laws.

Please follow along with me ….

Let’s start with what does scietific method mean -

Scientific Method: principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses

A Hypothesis, is an assumption or concession made for the sake of argument b: an interpretation of a practical situation or condition taken as the ground for action 2) a: tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences

Theory – 1: the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another 2: abstract thought: speculation 3: the general or abstract principles of a body of fact, a science, or an art 4a : a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances —often used in the phrase in theory 5: a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena 6a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation b : an unproved assumption : conjecture c : a body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of a subject

A theory attempts to explain why things happen.

Scietific Law addresses and accepts the fact that certain things happen a particular way, as well as how they happen

Fact: something that has actual existence. An actual occurrence. A piece of information presented as having objective reality

Okay, so now all the dictionary or encyclopedia references have been made, how does this all relate to this article on the field of the paranormal and its place in the scientific community?

According to Webster Dictionary the word paranormal means: not scientifically explainable. (yes, I’ve just slipped in one more dictionary references)

It seems to me that all scientific ideas, hypotheses, theories, as defined above, all start out as NOT scientifically explainable. This seems to me then to be a bit of an oxymoron. In examining and trying to understand why the paranormal field doesn’t have a home in the world of science confounds me. The process of science is to a hypothesis, experiment which using different theories as the bases for experimentation to find conclusive answers to the problem/question posed that is suspected to yield a result to prove it as fact or not, thus possibly turning into scientific law.

The bases of science itself takes what is “paranormal”, not explainable, by current scientific law and experiments multiple theories until conclusive results are achieved.

There are two references I like to use when discussing the validity of the paranormal field as a legitimate scientific field, and why the results thus far obtained by those in the field should be considered fact and placed in the scientific chamber. Dreams and Dark Matter cannot be proved as existing but the scientific community accepts both of these with open arms.

The existence of dreams can't be proven, but we, including all scientists, believe they exist, and not because of definitive, conclusive proof of scientific law. The standard of which these two are studied comes form nothing more than theory…theory that is believed fact. The occurrence of brain activity is no more proof of dreams, than what has already been documented as “proof” in any other field that deals with the testing of theories. The problem at hand with dreams is this: Brain activity in itself does not, and cannot, and never will, prove the existence of dreams. It only proves that that the activity seems to occur in association with or at or near times of when a person reports to have been dreaming. Yet, dreams are an excepted fact in their occurrence we all believe exist because we've all experienced it.

According to science, dark matter is the biggest building block in the universe. As a rule, scientists seek certainty. So it's rather unusual that for more than 70 years, many astronomers have wagered the universe is primarily made of dark matter, which was and is by some scientific sub-communities, considered a mysterious and unproven substance. However, fairly recently a team of scientists working with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found direct evidence that dark matter is as real as the rings around Saturn. "Little is known about it; all that the numerous searches for dark matter particles have done is rule out various hypotheses, but there have never been any 'positive' results," said Markevitch. – NASA

So again I say that I am confounded as to why the paranormal field is still considered by most, including the encyclopedia (a collective body of work that contains information on all branches of knowledge), to be more of the spiritual realm based more on faith than science.

What do you think this EVP says?

I'm attaching a first in a series of EVPs that I'd like for you my readers to voice an opinion on. I know what I think each is clearly saying, BUT maybe my ears have gotten too accustomed to reviewing. It is scratchy sounding but you should be able to make out what is said. I'd like to know if others hear what I hear. I really am curious, so please express your opinion and leave a comment. Please be patient while audio loads and turn up the volume on your speakers

EVP #1

I May Have a Para-Problem

I think I may have a Para-problem I keep having to resist the urge to use the prefix “Para” before things I say in my post that have to do with the paranormal. Allow me to explain…..

On my Facebook page and profile for The Paranormal MD I used the term Para People Pics for a new photo album on there. I did stop myself after that one, but I think my constant studying and exposure to everything paranormal has tainted my brain some. I mean, if I have a para-problem with my para-phrases, like para-portals, etc, and I’ve become a para-nut I think I may commit para-suicide and join the para-peeking ghosts that have spied on me and I on them. PLEASE somebody get me off of the para-go-round before it’s too late and I just succumb to becoming a para-geek. :o)

Understanding UV/IR & Its Use in the Field

  In the field of paranormal investigating infrared lights, cameras, etc. are commonly used to try and capture a photo or video of entities ….referred to by most as ghost. However, in the past two years and in particular the past year the focus has been on the UV light spectrum. This has occurred for several reasons, and as an investigator and student of the field I’m glad to see the wheels spinning and results happening as the scientist and technical engineers, etc. are diligently tackling the exploration of the UV spectrum and its uses as well as the development of UV devices. Full spectrum cameras have become available but are still very expensive and do not truly reach the highest frequency of the UV range we need to see in. It has become a breakthrough technology that has open yet another window for us human to see through into the unknown.

As I have gathered solid evidence, mostly of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) rather than many questionable photos I have, and study the data and information of the cases I’ve worked on I began to form some theories on how to improve the “capture” of whatever it is on “the other side” that occasionally makes itself known to me. One of these theories formed a couple of years ago was that they move and speak in not a lower, but a higher frequency than we do as human. However, until recently, that technology wasn’t available to the general public and most definitely was not affordable to the average paranormal investigator and ghost hunter.

Thus far, there has been a higher success rate of the capture of anomalies in the UV range versus the infrared range. We are now seeing many more photo and video anomalies, than we were able to see in just the IR range. It has opened a window to a world previously unknown to our human eyes. It all looks to be a very promising path that we still need to move on to reach the true and highest UV spectrum that more than likely holds the key to unlocking so many mysteries.

Almost everything emits, reflects, or transmits some kind of light. The Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum is the measurement of the frequency range of EM radiation of an object. The frequency is measured in wavelengths.

The long wavelengths/low frequency is: the Radio, Microwave, and Infrared waves.

The short wavelengths/high frequency is: Ultraviolet, X-ray and Gamma Rays.

The Visible Spectrum is the range of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that is visible by the human eye

The simplest way to explain the light spectrum in its application of trying to view “the other side” is this:

UV (UltraViolet) equates to high frequency in short wavelength

IR (infraRed) equates to low frequency in long wavelength

We don’t see the entities with our eyes because the capability of our eyes to brain speed is only capable of seeing in a very limited range. Essentially the entities move at a faster speed than we can process with our eyes/brain. We may occasionally catch a glimpse of a “ghost” and then they are gone. Why? Think of viewing someone moving around in a strobe lighted room. You see them in that particular corner and than they are gone right before your eyes and within a blink seemed to have moved all the way across the room elsewhere before your eyes can even catch up with them. Now take that same scenario but now the person is moving around at even a faster pace.

This same theory would explain why they see us.  I’ve verified this several times with EVPs in which I asked: Can you see us/hear us? With responses that have stated “yes”.

They see us because we are moving like turtles to them.

There are so many more pieces to this puzzle that is connected to the whys and hows of this all. For instance, the movement of cells/atoms in extreme temperature ranges, like absolute zero and the documented cold spots, etc. or external factors like solar flares, etc., but I’ll save that for another entry at another time. For now I will try to just focus on the specifics of UV/IR.

Visable light waves are the only electromagnetic waves we can see. We see these waves as the colors of the rainbow. Each color has a different wavelength. Red has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest wavelength. When all the waves are seen together, they make white light.

When white light shines through a prism, the white light is broken apart into the colors of the visible light spectrum. Water vapor in the atmosphere can also break apart wavelengths creating a rainbow.

Scientists are searching for, and finding life in unlikely places, by mimicking the way certain animals see the world.

In the same way that dogs can hear sounds outside the range of audible sounds to humans, bees can see things in the world that we cannot. Scientists would like to have better vision outside the range of visible light, for a variety of reasons, one of which is to look for signs of life on other planets

 Light travels in waves called photons, with varying speeds and sizes. Ultraviolet (UV) waves are shorter than the light waves we can see, but other living thing can see UV light. While UV waves are shorter than what we can see, infrared waves are just a bit longer than the red waves we can detect with our eyes, and therefore are invisible to humans. But snakes can see them. In another example of scientists seeing the world like animals do, Paul Falkowski and colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey used infrared cameras to discover a new marine life form. They now can see what the ocean "looks" like when examined with eyes that see what our eyes cannot.

Paranormal or Not? Let me know your opinion!

Paranormal or not? Let me know your opinion! This pic was taken about 1 minute after I sited a full body apparition in the same corner. This is NOT what I saw, but after careful review and dissection of the pic, I can't explain it. I know what it isn't. Meaning, it's not brick staining or a shadow caused by me other the other investigators in the room, etc. [gallery]


Matrixing is a term used to describe the human mind's natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors. In other words, our eyes try to make sense out of what we are looking at. Our brain has a tendency to find familiar and identifiable images, like a face in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects. It is necessary for our brains to do this otherwise we wouldn’t be able to read, identify each other, or daily objects, places, etc. However, this same ability can also cause us to be deceived at times. Many photos that are posted on line or elsewhere seen that claim to have ghostly faces, bodies, etc in them are nothing more than visual matrixing.

Matrixing can also occur with sound. We as investigators listen to hours and hours of audio searching for anomalies or voices from ...beyond our sight and ear shot. Often noises like the whining of something mechanical can sound like a voice, or crying, or even music. The sound of gravel moving under foot can even sound like a male voice or growling. This simply, once again, is our brain trying to identify these sounds as something familar. This is why it is imperative to listen carefully to your audio so you can learn to identify all the sound, even the minutest sounds to better discern what exactly you are hearing. There is expensive audio equipment that can make this job easier for you. There is also expensive sound board type equipment that will allow you to better dissect your audio too. However, if you can’t afford these items, than a logical mind and patience, along with a good set of headphones will work just fine. However, I must admit that at times you still may have an audio clip or two that you just won’t be sure of the source or content until further analysis is done on it with the aforementioned equipment.


An EVP from a private investigation. It is so clear that if I didn't capture it myself I would question the validity and integrity and source of it. The sound difference is a combination of factors. This particular one is due to it's being amplified and the hiss reduced. The extra amplification (so you can hear it better on your speakers over the internet) is beginning to distort the EVP a bit but you should hear it just fine. You will hera me speaking to a team member about want ing to move my camera to another location and then the EVP and then another after that. The only other team member with me is a male. You will hear two different woman other than myself speaking during this clip. Audio file will open in a separate window in Quicktime Follow me please and Its too long EVP

Paranormal Investigators Need Policing

Although I've been in the field of the paranormal for years, like others as of late, I've become more organized and whole lot more educated in the past few years. The field and science has become so much more advanced and sophisticated. Due to the public exposure on TV, thanks to the original Ghost Hunters way back when who slowly gained an audience and then seemed to burst into the mainstream. This was a double edge sword though for those of us in the private sector. Why? The Good: All the public attention, curiosity, and multitude of shows on the airwaves now, has helped push forward the technical aspects, and new equipment is now continuously be made, studied, and used. Also, due to it all becoming so main stream, and the wonders of the internet too, so much more information on a multitude of subject matters regarding the paranormal is now available. The ability to learn from each other is a wonderful thing. The comfort those who have a need for a paranormal investigator and help can now have without feeling they may be persecuted or called crazy is good. However, with these good aspects and others, comes the bad too.

The Bad: It has been brought to my attention by potential clients who have contacted me for answers and help that there are some real unscrupulous people out there. People who claim to be serious investigators but really don’t have a clue what they are doing. Furthermore, they often try charging clients for their services. Also there is a misrepresentation to the public happening. I had one client who was told this: First I will come out as a medium and see what I pick up on, and then I’ll do a cleansing of your house. Now I may have to come back more than once…and I can hold a séance, etc.

The woman….who represented herself as a paranormal “group” never spoke about an investigation…or research…or much of anything that related to anything but her and her own psychic abilities. AND she was charged the client $65.oo for her first visit and something like 85 cents per mile as travel expenses.

Then in another case, there was the ghost hunting group who were nothing more than a young group of thrill seeking goofballs. Who damaged furniture in the owner’s house…home. Never supplied any report or information back to the owner, and never returned calls or came back. They left these scared owners worse off than they were.

The influx of wanna be investigators who are only out for themselves, hoping to experience a real live haunted house not just on Halloween, has become a detriment to the science, study, and serious pursuit of us investigators who are serious about this field. Those of us who have a sincere concern for others and want to help give the living comfor,t or peace of mind because they are affected by the dead or what they think is the dead.

I have issue with the following: The picture/video hoaxes, the con artist and scammers trying to make a fast buck, the simple minded, the unskilled who often hurt rather than help, the uneducated, unorganized, and sloppy groups that now roam the land now is disturbing.

I could go on more about those present themselves as legitimate investigators or researchers or on more about those who prey on others and their fears but for now I won’t…for now.

In this ghostly field and paranormal realm, the word “Beware” takes on a whole new meaning now. So my friends and readers, make sure to put up your “Beware” sign not to intimidate the ghost but to ward off those trying to “catch” the ghosts, or take advantage of you.



What is Proof?

There is more to reality than is currently explainable by mankind’s logic and the scientific community. So much of what we think of as scientific proof or fact is really just theory. A very knowledgeable scientist or panel of scientists conduct a specific study of some sort, and conclude due to the results gathered to be evidence to support their theories. In fact, these theories are then often purported as fact or proof, unless there remain still unknown factors that they theorize about and think may attribute their final results so it can be deemed “conclusive”. In the meantime, we as a society often believe these theories as the existence of proof, but are they? In science, logic, reason, and deduction are applied until no other known method and thus explanation can be ascertained. The end result provides us with evidence and thus fact to prove the theory at hand. Even lack of a result provides us with evidence. Einstein ran experiments to prove his theories. Even lack of a way to obtain the “correct and absolute” method or answer provided him with an answer, or proof. Because if all known logical or theoretical ways are disproved, than the results, even if seemingly absurd, is what is as left as the result is an answer. Let’s follow this thought process along in a different direction. The existence of dreams can't be proven, but we, including all scientists, believe they exist. Not because of definitive proof. The occurrence of brain activity is no more proof of dreams, than what has already been documented as “proof” in any other field that deals with the testing of theories. The problem at hand with dreams is this: Brain activity in itself does not, and cannot, and never will, prove the existence of dreams. It only proves that that the activity seems to occur in association with or at or near times of when a person reports to have been dreaming. Yet, dreams are an excepted occurrence we all believe exist because we've all experienced it.

So why then do so many people brush off the existence of paranormal activity, or ghostly activity, or the like as non existent, or as nonsense, or believing there no “proof” even though evidence has suggested otherwise?

So what is “proof”? What has to be provided by those in the paranormal community for the general population to accept the evidence provided as proof in lieu of any elusive logical explanation?