A Paranormal Poke


Just poking a little fun at paranormal investigators and enthusiast like myself.

It seems that even when dealing with the dead, one has gotten to be politically correct. Investigators and bloggers of the paranormal choose their words carefully in order to not offend …..and maybe to separate themselves from certain implications and public condemnation. So here is a quick translation of the following words or terms and why they are used or not used.

Entity – A neutral word that is used often due to its homogeneous nature in order to describe a separate and self contained existence. An entity comes from no where in particular and could come from anywhere. It is a likable and non-specific all inclusive term

Spirit – Rarely used word because it is too closely related to the religious sector indicating faith rather than fact. May also indicate affiliation with one religious denomination over another…not good to do

Ghost – What can I say about this old fashioned word but: May be hip but it's not sic

Other Siders – Those that are intelligent and non-conformist.They are from There not Here

Beings – This word is never used by paranormal investigators. We don’t want people to think we believe in aliens too ;o)

Ectoplasma – It’s like calling a human a disgusting, ugly ameba.

Apparition – A widely used term to describe the manifested form of an “entity”. Acceptable unless combined with the word ghost or spirit

Phantom – Seriously…no one uses this word unless in association with the opera

Voices From Beyond - Have We Lost Our Humanity?

 A couple of days ago I began writing an article on the topic of metaphysics. As I sat down this morning feeling the need to finish that article promptly and get one posted, I just couldn’t bring myself to complete the article I started. My thoughts were elsewhere, and I felt the need to express the content of this particular blog post instead. So I listened to my intuition, and here I am now ready, willing, and able, to speak out about, and maybe even for, the voices from the other side. First and foremost I want those who read this to understand that the often unheard “voices” of those who have passed on (even residual haunting types), belonged to people, human beings who were alive, and breathing, and soulful, just like you and I are now. The voices and images that paranormal investigators sometimes capture are often crying out in pain or sorrow, giggle with delight, and/or moan or groan in despair from days past.  They existed in our very own time and space, and called their human bodies home while in this, our, realm.

A scientific method is designed to remove the human factor, the emotional factor. It is a procedural collection of data designed for documentation purposes to shed light and supply answers. It is its inherent protocol, procedure, and uniformity that allow us to find pattern and reason in what may come across as random or chaos. It is a set of rules or ways in the dissection process that gives us information and data designed to produce and yield the best results. It is concerned only with logic and fact. In essence it removes all that is emotionally felt, it removes all that makes us humans, human.

I once was on an investigation at a closed down institution for the mentally ill and unstable. The nature of this type of facility while in use would be overwhelmingly filled with all things thought and felt bad. Many practices that are cruel or just plain despicable occurred there. These types of facilities were over crowded and understaffed. Patients were often physically and sexually abused, and the state of mental health care resembled something one might see in the movies these days as a horrific science fiction thriller. Lobotomies were a regular practice, electroshock therapy was executed in what would have been more like a torture than a remedy, and as if their own personal confusion, and disconnect wasn’t enough for these people to deal with, it was more often than not made worse by over medicating them and inducing a zombie minded affect.

This ordinary night’s investigation was an outing that was attended by a few different paranormal teams. As the investigation began and continued on I diligently searched using all my equipment, noting and documenting along the way as “things” that shouldn’t be happening  started to occur. I carefully directed my questions and conducted myself in a scientific manner, and yet, so I thought, investigated in a manner that is respectful to our desired points of contacts which are referred to by many names like; entities, spirits, or ghosts. Most investigators are taught to investigate and relate in this “respectful” way, because well, one, it shows respect, and welllll…if you want them to interact with you and your equipment….to produce results…wellll …one must be respectful. However, what should be the bottom line intent, respect for another living being, has become convoluted. Our desires for concrete answers, for proof, via a process, far outweighs any sincere efforts of “respect”, but has become more of way to produce the best results while trying to appear like we truly care about their “feelings”. I mean, after all, if an investigator is going to stay objective, he or she needs to remove their own humanity’s emotions in order to obtain the best results.

Often in order to accomplish the disconnect, I believe we trick our minds, our thought processes, to eliminate thoughts that are causing us to discontent or conflict, thus all that makes us, us. We’ll not allow too much thought of particulars of a case or “that” which may be haunting, because it may make us sad. We use non human words like “it”, or “thing”, or “entity” (my personal favorite), or the word ghost (which we associate with the images and stories of fictional movies that we watch safely from the comfort of our easy chair). Yes indeed, we humans have a vast array of emotional defense mechanisms.  

Many fields of work due to the emotional strain or stress of the job requirements can easily consume a person’s emotional being and “take you down” or make you unproductive or even unable to continue on in that field of work. Being a police officer or doctor comes to mind. Think of that doctor you hated. The one who seems to move about you as if you are an inhuman, barely listening to you speak, not even raising their eyes from the laptop screen situated in front of them as they diligently type away, recording for the records the content of your visit and words. This type of doctor is the kind who treats you like a mechanic would a car. Spark plugs, still connected, check. Tires balanced, check. Oooppss, low on oil, advised human owner…I mean patient, to change and fill promptly. See you in three months.

Now recall that doctor who treated you with compassion and the human touch. They listened intently to your thoughts and words meaning, they carefully examine you while even sincerely expressing regret if they have done something to you that may have caused you pain during an examine. It seems to me, a doctor who manages to keep this type of human emotional connection without loosing their objectivity is rare. It seems to me, that almost all people in fields of work that serve the human condition become “hardened” over time. Meaning, in order to do their jobs, they have changed their own emotional connectivity to the human condition…being, either consciously or subconsciously. I’ve always said, it’s the nature of the beast, but does it have to be?

Some investigators also use the tactic of “provoking”. Unfortunately, many do not see that everything they are doing is an attempt at provoking a response, but think that provoking means being stern, or mean, or taunting. Of course, at this point we could argue that not all whom we are trying to make contact with from the other side are worthy of being treated gently…think of a mass murdering entity we may come across in closed down prisons, but that’s a debate for another time and not what this article is about.

Okay, now back to the story of the investigation at the “insane asylum”. Toward the nights end all the different groups gathered in one room that is the size of a gymnasium. The room was once the women’s ward at this institution. I had been very excited about attending this investigation as this place was known for being very “active” with the paranormal. All sorts of entities were known for being there and I couldn’t wait to “experience” and “document” the “entities” that would make themselves known to me that night. Investigators are thrilled with delight when a place is “jumping” with activity. Oh, and of course, if one was to be touched or an entity would “show” themselves ….oh what a great night it would be.

While doing a large group EVP session, one of the teams founder, a large, burly, and intimidating looking man took the lead in the questioning. Initially, he was cold and calculating at best, but even this approach took a turn for the worse, and quickly. He became impatient and agitated because he was not getting any responses and/or interactions from one particular female ghost that died there and is said to haunt the location. “Come on, show yourself” He demanded in a deep baritone voice, at first just trying to induce a response, but then he seemed to became angry(whether it was real or not I’m not sure) that he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of the nights events thus far. “What are you chicken?!” His voice bellowed, and boomed, and echoed through the room. “I didn’t come here to waste my time…show yourself, you chicken!” He barked, and he went on and on seemingly getting louder with each angry demand, or curse, or insult.

I stood there listening to this man and thought…what is he doing?! I was disheartened at what was happening. I tried to intercept his rant with gentler questioning, but he always bounded back. I thought, why would any human being treat another dead or alive this way…especially in a place like this where there was such vulnerability? Here we are standing in an all female dormitory room/ward, and now here stands this large looking male investigator making insults, and threats, and demands to try and intimidate them. Female patients at this facility were often raped and beaten and now you have the gall to stand there brazen and arrogant thinking your provoking is the correct course of action. It is at this point in the night when in my head I had an epiphany. I felt sadness for any woman who may be left trapped in this place and was hearing him. How scared they must be. If I were them I’d be backing away afraid for what might come next. Besides, breeding fear isn’t going to yield any results anyway.   (Ah yes, sad to state apparently the scientific mind never strays far…my desire for results to document reared its ugly head “) I thought, haven’t these mentally ill people suffered enough already? Haven’t they already lived one life filled with angst, and pain, and mistreatment, and abuse?   All too often the patients here lived in a deluded world. They were made separate from the public and put here, and most times only suffered more until their death while within the walls of this “hospital”.

I’d like to say that what happened that night, and the dawning of my new found paranormal compassion and insight has forever changed my perceptions of how I conduct myself and how I behave while investigating, but it’s likely, it hasn’t…at least for the long run. The fact is that while on an investigation we really don’t know for sure what or who is at hand. Okay, this is only partially true, because regardless of whom we are actually in contact with, we are often knowingly trying to bring up and/or out, in some shape or form, the spirit of a particular deceased person that we think may be present at the location. A spirit of a person that once was living in our world before separating from us here in this realm and moving onto another elsewhere. I rationalize, that we don’t always know if we are dealing with a deceased human, residually imprinted energy, dimensional time slips, or even inhumans or demonics, so all is fair. To be honest, although there are theories formed from experience, not one person on this planet can say with any certainty what it is, or how it is possible to experience all we do in the realm of the paranormal people we come across…not even psychics. I very much believe in the legitimacy of some pychics/mediums/sensitives, but I must rely of my faith in believing them, not fact. And let’s face it, when all is said and done, we’re all from the “show me” me state and want proof in the way of tangible fact to soothe our contemplative minds. 

I made one enlightened decision that night after the investigation, welllll, at least for now while the memory of that’s night epiphany is still present in my mind’s emotional thought process. The decision I made and continue to make is to never again investigate a hospital for the mentally ill. This decision was made for a few reasons. One basic and slightly selfish reason - I want to try and preserve my humanity and keep my compassionate and empathetic nature and keep it in tact as much as possible. Other reasons?  I choose not to exploit people who are weaker than I, even if dead from this realm. I choose not to exploit human frailties and conditions. I choose not exploit “the other siders” who are as much alive as we are, but just in a different form. I don’t want to be the source of discontent, or hurt, or fear for another living being in this realm, than why shouldn’t I bestow that same “respect” for another being who happens to be living in another realm different from my own. We all have to deal with enough bad feelings and situations in this life here on Earth, and I, for one, certainly want  to find comfort for my savage soul after I leave this world I now call home, don’t you too?

Peace and good will towards all….everywhere during this holiday season!

Their mood, or words, or message, we must remember that

EVP #5 - Does anyone recognize this EVP as ....

Does anyone recognize this male voice as possibly saying something in another language? This EVP sounds like something one might hear from a Star Wars movie bar scene. I'm not sure if it is just a slur or a slurred attempt at saying something in another language that I can't identify. PLEASE take a listen and if you recognize it as an attempt at speaking something in another language, let me know. Your help is much appreciated EVP #5

Space-Time Continuum

I started this past Friday to write this blog article about multiple dimensions and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the space-time continuum. However, last night I watched the Ghost Hunters Live show recorded on my DVR. Interestingly enough, and for the first time ever, I heard the mention of time slips on the show. They never elaborated much on it beyond mentioning it a few times, but this blog article however will elaborate, because the theory of “time slips” as they referred to it can only occur if multiple dimensions exists within the Time-Space Continuum. Time slips or as I like to refer to it as, colliding dimensions, cause a conflict within the time space continuum. These “collisions” in essence cause “time slips” and could allow us to see or experience things outside of the norm, in other words, into the paranormal. So allow me to start with a little background information and scientific jargon. The first thing to note is that as humans in this vast universe our perceptions are quite limited. Within the time-space continuum, we as humans are aware of and experience 4 dimensions, the fourth being the concept that space-time combines space and time within a single coordinate system, typically with three spatial dimensions: length, width, height, and one temporal dimension: time. There also are several proposed space-time theories that include additional dimensions. How many dimensions are needed to describe the universe is still an open question that no one knows the answer to yet. However, let’s briefly explore a couple of these theories now.

In string theory, elementary particles are not point-like, but instead are more like or similar to strings. In this speculative theory it is predicted that there may be 10 or 26 dimensions. There are various forms of string theory and each requires the existence of at least six extra spatial dimensions.

Brane theory is a short for "membrane" and is also sometimes referred to as the M-Theory, and would be viewed as a sheet floating in a fifth dimension. The M-theory predicts 11 dimensions: 10 spatial and 1 temporal.

One excepted theory is that these “other dimensions’ beyond what we consciously know now, are copies, but not exact replicas of our own world, our own self. I find this theory particularly interesting and plausible. However, I believe the theory that the “other dimensions” are really not different worlds or copies of our own, but spatial and that “time” as we know it is playing itself out in these other dimensions. Allow me to explain.  One possibility is that time does not run linear, but may co-exists side by side as in other dimensions. In other words, our awareness of time as humans within our own space is usually not affected by these other time dimensions, but if a clash of dimensions were to occur, then we could be witness to time slips.

In our minds we pass the years one by one, one after another, moving forward; year 1999, year 2000, and so on. You might compare the passing of time like our use of linear measurements. It’s kind of like taking measurements of an object or space with a ruler. You start at the beginning and calculate 1 inch at a time and as you move up the ruler in a linear fashion in specific spatial increments… 2 inches, 3 inches, and so on. So let’s use a ruler to represent the passing of time. It will really help if you try to see an actual ruler in your head as I move forth with this explanation.

Picture a ruler in your head, and each inch on the ruler represents a year; inch number 1 /year 1. In this view, time would start at the beginning in year 1 and move forward one at a time until we reach the end of our existence at year 12 (I know only 12, but just stay with me on this). This ruler represents space-time running linear, in a straight forward sequential motion. We move forward through each inch which represents each year one at a time, remembering our experiences of what has passed as we go. We are aware that more years lie ahead of us, but we have not experienced it yet, thus there is no conscious comprehension of its space. We assume in our conscious, known world we cannot move backwards to what has passed, nor are we able to jump ahead, and that we can only move forward in specific spatial increments.

Okay, I know this may be getting confusing…please stay with me on this as it gets easier and does make sense.

What if space-time does not run in a forward linear motion only as described above, but coexists in a different way that is normally inaccessible to us? What if space-time coexists side by side…think of a horse track and race. At the starting gates all the horses are lined up next to each other, side by side. When the race begins all the gates open at the same time and the horses take off into their designated lanes which are only separated by a visually thin line. As the race continues you will notice that often the horses cross over into other lanes other than their own which were originally designated for them. When a crossing like this occurs the horses risk bumping into each other, and occasionally the horses do bump together.

The gates represent the beginning of time as we know it and exist side by side, and as the race begins all gates open simultaneously. Each lane represents a dimension, and each dimension represents a year, and each has its own lane that is only separated by a visually thin line that can easily be crossed.

This example is a rudimental analogy of time playing itself out in other (side by side) dimension to our own. It is time (other years past or future) existing in a different “realm” or dimension.  And if a dimensional clash occurs, or a tear or portal exists or is accidentally created between dimensions, a time slip may occur. Meaning, we could bump into other living people, etc., and they into us, literally, or figurative and we become witness to oddities we can’t explain. The “other side” is really the same world we live in, but it is just a different year/time than currently in our own realm. …or as described above, like a crossing over into another lane other than our own and visa versa. Now mind you I’m not a scientist, but this is my understanding (in the simplest of terms) of what a time slip is.

When it is said that “time is relative”, in its simplest terms, it means time is a perspective. And that perspective usually is thought of in our mind’s perspective, in this tangibly viewed world of ours.

In the paranormal field we suspect that some of the intelligent “other worlders” or "other siders" we come across may be due to a crossing over of time dimensions or a colliding of dimensions, or as mentioned on GH, a time slip. It is possible that they are not “dead”, but very much alive and living their lives out in a normal timely fashion, just like us, but in their own time dimension. And when we come across them with startled eyes and/or ears, because we think they are ghosts, they too are startled by us, and may think we are ghosts.

It is even possible while we think of them as ghost of a time passed, and they may view us like we are aliens from the future. So as ridiculous as it sounds, as of now this all remain a possibility, and no one knows for sure, and we are just limited by current scientific understanding. However, our limited perspectives according to what we know now should not preclude other possibilities.

With all that has been said, additional dimensions to the ones we’ve come to love and know as our reality may also lend itself to other types of ghostly sightings, including residual. What if in residual sightings or the like, there is a tear or ripple in the fabric of time which is made up of energy. It may be possible that this film loop of  we see and understand now as residual energy isn’t really a residual imprinted energy, but just a glimpse though a specific portal in time…into another dimension.  It would be kind of like looking at something through a tiny hole or tear. It is impossible to see everything going on all around everywhere and we’d only see a bit or portion. If the tear remains open to that specific point in time, it would only be a snapshot of time, like looking a photograph or video clip of a moment in time. And although this is all that we see, the fact may be that life is moving along in a full and complete fashion on the other side of this small tear, but we just can’t see it.

So at this point in the article you are yelling, “But Mary, what about intelligent interactions with those that we know are dead? What about the belief in heaven?”

My answer to you is this: As a Christian, I believe in the existence of heaven, and since no one in this realm can definitively and with proof tell me otherwise, I believe that heaven most definitely exists.  It may simply exist in another dimension, and who’s to say that God isn’t the conductor orchestrating all existence?

In conclusion, the discovery of, and definitive proof of multiple dimensions, as suspected and theorized by the scientific community may be the key to unlocking the answers to explanations we currently seek in the paranormal community and in general as humans.

What Do You Think is Being Said - EVP #4

This is not me or another investigator. This is a voice I did not hear at the time while in the basement, but was later discovered on my digital audio recorder. There is no lead/out, but just the actual EVP itself. It comes quick so be prepared to listen immediately. What do you think she is saying?  EVP #4 - What Do You think is Being Said


Webster's Dictionary defines infrasonic, or infrasound, as "1: having or relating to a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. 2: utilizing or produced by infrasonic waves or vibrations." Theories on Infrasound and its Effect on Humans

Infrasound waves hug the ground, and travel for long distances without losing strength. Not much amplitude is needed to produce negative effects in the human body, and even mild infrasound exposure requires several hours, or possibly even days, to reverse symptoms.

Man-made structures, such as engines, cars, trains, motorcycles, and airplanes also produce infrasound. John Cody noted that pilots exposed to infrasonic vibrations of jet chassis experience a reduction in "vision, speech, intelligence, orientation, equilibrium, and the ability to accurately discern situations, and make reasonable decisions."

Depending on the pitch, infrasound can cause physical pressure,  fear, disorientation, and negative physical and mental symptoms.

Please note there are varying degrees in the infrasound range and those that cause the most negative and damaging effects is not a common occurrence. It is something that can often be noticed physically, but in low levels the vibrations may not noticeably felt, but nonetheless it may still affect you.

Infrasound disrupts the normal functioning of the middle and inner ear, and may lead to nausea, imbalance, impaired equilibrium, immobilization, and disorientation. Exposure to even mild doses of infrasound can lead to illness in some people.

The Infrasound frequency can appear frequently under natural conditions. Infrasound may arise when strong gusts of wind clash with chimneys or towers. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at one time or another during your life. This heavy base sound penetrates even through very thick walls. Such sound waves start rumbling in tunnel-shaped corridors.

Long pipe organs, such as those found in churches and cathedrals produce infrasound. In one UK study, the extreme bass frequencies instilled strange feelings at a concert hall. Effects were "extreme sense of sorrow, coldness, anxiety, and even shivers down the spine." (source; Organ Music Instills Religious Feelings,' by Jonathan Amos, 9/8/2003)

Some cars are equipped with a boom type device initiated with a  button. These devices generate large amplitude pressure/low frequency noise. When the “burp button” is used, it activates a low-band pass-filter which forces all of the amplifier's power through the sub-woofer speakers at frequencies lower than a certain number of Hertz. At extremely low frequencies, it becomes infrasound. Thus you feel the blast of noise, as well as hear it. Which may explain why some humans like booming subwoofers in their vehicles and/or homes, and it is not just a “cool and popular” status meaning as we as a society have come to believe. We’ve all tried to block the sound from these cars when next to them stopped at a traffic light. Rolling up the wondow to block the sound doesn’t work, because you still continue to feel the vibrations and of course, how much it annoys us.

Infrasonic vibrations can also be pleasantly stimulating in mild levels. The effects of brief, mild exposure can give a feeling of invigoration for hours. While a person may feel euphoric, the body is being subjected to an elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and a release of endorphins which is similar to the "fight or flight" adrenaline response. Feeling the effects of high-intensity/low-frequency sound can be addictive,  partially due to the release of endorphins in the body.

Interestingly, Walt Disney and his artists accidentally experienced infrasound on one occasion. A cartoon sound effect was slowed from 60 cycles per second to 12 cycles per second via a tape-editing machine and was amplified through the theater system. The resulting tone, though brief in duration, produced in the entire crowd nausea that lingered for several days. 100 Cycles Per Second (Hz) - At this level, a person experiences irritation, "mild nausea, giddiness, skin flushing, and body tingling." Following this, a person undergoes "vertigo, anxiety, extreme fatigue, throat pressure, and respiratory dysfunction." (Source; the Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau, by Gerry Vassilatos)

 There are still a lot of theories about infrasound in question, but it is important that people and paranormal investigators in particular are aware of its existence and affects.

Physicists studying the effects of infrasound upon the human body have reported that  participants in their experiments complained of weariness,  pressure in the eyes and in the ears, but there was never a mention of hallucinations or ghosts. More results from other studies revealed the following.

Infrasound Toxicological Summary, November 2001 - "When male volunteers were exposed to simulated industrial infrasound of 5 and 10 Hz and levels of 100 and 135 dB for 15 minutes, feelings of fatigue, apathy, and depression, pressure in the ears, loss of concentration, drowsiness, and vibration of internal organs were reported. In addition, effects were found in the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system. Synchronization phenomena were enhanced in the left hemisphere. Visual motor responses to stimuli were prolonged, and the strength of the effect was reduced. Heart rate was increased during the initial minutes of exposure. Heart muscle contraction strength was reduced. Respiration rate was significantly reduced after the first minute of exposure." (Sorry, I failed to note the citation for this paragraph of information)

Human reactions to infrasound

20 Hz is considered the normal low frequency limit of human hearing. When pure sine waves are reproduced under ideal conditions and at very high volume, a human listener will be able to identify tones as low as 12 Hz. Below 10 Hz it is possible to perceive the single cycles of the sound, along with a sensation of pressure at the eardrums.

Infrasound has been known to cause feelings of awe or fear in humans. Since it is not consciously perceived, it can make people feel vaguely that supernatural events are taking place.

The Ghost in the Machine

Research by Vic Tandy, a lecturer at Coventry University, suggested that the frequency 19 Hz was responsible for many ghost sightings. He was working late one night alone in a supposedly haunted laboratory at Warwick, when he felt very anxious and could detect a grey blob out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to face it, there was nothing.

The following day, he was working on his fencing foil, with the handle held in a vice. Although there was nothing touching it, the blade started to vibrate wildly. Further investigation led him to discover that the extraction fan was emitting a frequency of 18.98 Hz, very close to the resonant frequency of the eye (given as 18 Hz in NASA Technical Report 19770013810). This was why he saw a ghostly figure — it was an optical illusion caused by his eyeballs resonating. The room was exactly half a wavelength in length, and the desk was in the centre, thus causing a standing wave which was detected by the foil.

Tandy investigated this phenomenon further and wrote a paper entitled The Ghost in the Machine. He carried out a number of investigations at various sites believed to be haunted, including the basement of the Tourist Information Bureau next to Coventry Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle.

No Lights Please!

[gallery order="DESC"] Ever wonder why investigations are held at night after it gets dark, or a why the old habit of using a camera flash or flashlight is becoming something of the past. As they should not be used unless it is absolutely needed. I'm no expert, but this is mine and many others understanding of quantums influence on the subject matter.

Basically, all physical matter is a frequency. In quantum physics...we are all made up of atoms which has both an uncharged neutron and positively charged neuron. The molecular structure/atoms/matter cannot exist without a negative wave of electrons surrounding it which creates a neutralization.  This band of electrons basically holds the matter together and binds it into a specific solid matter...it creates solid matter. Without it...we and nothing else would exist. We would be free floating energy, it seems much like the entities we encounter. The problem we encounter in locating the “energy” from the “other side” is probably a dimensional one to boot, but although electrons may be a specific point, it is an alternating wave so it constantly changes and is hard to find/see. In order to see it we would shine light on it. However, light itself is a wave or frequency and the introduction of a new wave disturbs the electron and thus the object. The substance of what we’ve come to know in our world… our universe as matter, something solid and tangible, is really just energy…a series of waves.

So, as you can see, one of the reason investigations are held at night in the dark has a very legitimate and logical reason behind it. Paranormal investigating is a learning process for us all. New technologies, as well as old scientific theories or laws are being revisited to help us better understand what we need to do to better accomplish our goals.

So, don’t use your camera flash or flashlight unless you have to!

“Boys, boys, crazy boys, get cool boys!”

“Boys, boys, crazy boys, get cool boys!” Much like the 1960’s musical, West Side Story, that told the story of division and played itself out like a school yard turf war fight, seems to me,  may be what is going on behind the scenes in the paranormal community too. Disputes that are apparent are creating a division that is not going to turn out good for anyone involved.

The two most prevalent gangs…I mean, teams, left standing before the public eye that are more openly opposing each other is The Ghost Adventurers (GAC) and the Ghost Hunters (for now I’ll leave Ghost Hunter International out of the mix) Both of these powerful forces have carved out a place for themselves with paranormal enthusiasts amongst the television viewing public. Both have become pop culture celebrities too. Both have their own very different from each other style of carrying out investigations, as well as beliefs on the topic of the paranormal. Both are also creating, separate of each other, an official paranormal database of existing or new (if you qualify to be a member) list of active paranormal teams. I think the original thought behind this was to create for themselves a list of teams that are considered qualified and locally available to a specific region. Local paranormal investigating groups that they can send cases to, and/or to have these regional team members pre-investigate for them. If an existing GAC or GH team within their own organization feels the need to call in the big guns, than that local/regional team contacts the GAC heads or GH heads. I would think this should create a nice database of information regarding cases, evidence, and leads of suspected haunted places. I’m not really sure what type of information exactly either of these organizations is gathering, much less what they are doing with that information. I know I would like to know, don’t you too? What kind of information are they gathering from the teams that sign up with their organizations? What are they doing with it? Does an official member’s database of investigating procedure, protocol, evidence or the like exist? Besides, what are they doing with all of their own evidence? Does it get passed along to science labs or the like for further evaluation? Who owns this information and evidence?

What disturbs me about these two power players is their need for exclusivity and division across the playing field, not just within the world of television either. I’ve stated before being a paranormal investigator or researcher is more of an industry now than ever before, but if this field is to progress and be taken seriously by all, not just paranormal enthusiast, there needs to be a coming together.  I still believe in the intent of both of these organizations, but I question where it is they will lead us to when all is said and done.

I love both these organizations and their figure heads in their own right for different reasons. However, as your everyday, common paranormal investigator and researcher, I find myself feeling the need to tread lightly and/or walk a fine line due to the fact that I haven’t chosen to align myself with one main popular group over the other. If I join one over the other it is likely that someone from the other camp that I haven’t joined up with is going to cross to the other side of the street if they see me coming…. Or more accurately, I will be the one forced to cross to the other side of the street. These organizations are at root and key to the coming together of the common investigator/researcher.

I love both the west side and the east side. I think both of these organizations is sincere in their own personal pursuit of gaining knowledge into the paranormal, and believes what they are doing will advance the field of paranormal studies into a mainstream science. I am a fan of both shows. I appreciate how they’ve brought the paranormal world to the forefront and to the attention of the general public. I also like that this attention is bringing money and development to the technological, engineering, and scientific side of paranormal exploration. However, I think they’ve both been swept up by the media frenzy, and the executive producers, and advertising executives that have much to say about their television presence. I see it as good intensions gone awry. Sadly, the casualty of the west side/east side battle is going to be the sincere advancement of the paranormal field and widespread acceptance of the field within the scientific community and with the public. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many new brilliant minded faces now tackling the paranormal field because of them, but at what cost?

Can’t we all just get along ...play nice…and work together towards a common goal? Ahhh, maybe I’m just too naive a person, and maybe the answer is, we can’t.

EVP #3 - What do you think is being said

This is a class A EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena - A voice that is not audibly heard with your ears at the time, but later discovered on the recording upon review). The noise in the background was ambient to the location in which this was captured. It actually created a good and consistent white background noise. The only two people present at the time are another male investigator and me. You will here me say something about wanting to move camera location. It seems I got a response by a woman. There is a slight drop in the background hiss in the beginning, due to me removing it in part. EVP#3

Why is Bob Naked?!

At one point or another we’ve all questioned, why it is that when a person sees a ghost they are always wearing clothes? Now come on…you know you’ve wondered… There are several theories as to why sighting of these illusive entities, if seen as full bodied apparitions, are always described as wearing some particular type of clothing. One theory; our brain, in trying to decipher the energy imprint and or experience tries to visually relate it to something familiar stored in our memory bank. Closely related to this theory, and only a slight step to the side is the simple belief that we see what we expect to see. In other words we don’t really want to see grandma standing naked before us. Another theory is that the entities themselves “show” themselves to us as they want us to see them or in a way that is familiar to us.

I’m not sure if I buy into any of these theories. All too often people who report ghost sightings individually of each other, and at different times, usually report very similar, if not an identical description of the clothing they saw the apparition wearing. So with this in mind, I’m not convinced of any one theory yet. One thing I’m sure of is a majority of people are traumatized enough from the experience of just seeing a ghost. Now add in seeing grandma nude,  in all her glory....that might just send many into therapy for years. It would give a whole new meaning to the term “flashed”.

Let’s say my dear brother Bob passes on from this life into the next. Then one evening I’m sitting chatting with my sister over our sadness in how much we miss Bob. Then just as tears are filling our eyes, Bob appears as a full bodied apparition there in the room with us, right before our eyes. My sister and I are both startled but delighted to see him…well, except for one disturbing thing …Bob is completely nude. It is at this point with my head cocked to the right and my face cringing, I turn to my sister and say with shocking disbelief, “Why is Bob naked?!” And without missing a beat she replies, “I don’t know, but apparently what they say about German men is true"...and then we both bust out laughing. Our laughter quickly fades as we notice that Bob doesn’t seem to notice or care that he is standing in front of us baring all. Then it all just gets weird and creepy.

Now with all this being said, let’s say Bob, while living on this earth, was a nudist. He lived in a nudist community/village. Being naked is natural, comfortable, and an acceptable state of being for both Bob and Bob’s family. So here’s my question: Do those people who consider themselves “nudist” mostly see their ghosts with NO clothes on? Oh, how I wish I could interview a nudist community, and take a survey to find out the answer to this question. Hmmm… I think I may just have to put this interview idea on my "to do" list.

my apologies to any German men who may have been offended by remarks in this article. It's just a little humor! ;o)

Paranormal or Not? Let me know your opinion!

Paranormal or not? Let me know your opinion! This pic was taken about 1 minute after I sited a full body apparition in the same corner. This is NOT what I saw, but after careful review and dissection of the pic, I can't explain it. I know what it isn't. Meaning, it's not brick staining or a shadow caused by me other the other investigators in the room, etc. [gallery]