No Lights Please!

[gallery order="DESC"] Ever wonder why investigations are held at night after it gets dark, or a why the old habit of using a camera flash or flashlight is becoming something of the past. As they should not be used unless it is absolutely needed. I'm no expert, but this is mine and many others understanding of quantums influence on the subject matter.

Basically, all physical matter is a frequency. In quantum physics...we are all made up of atoms which has both an uncharged neutron and positively charged neuron. The molecular structure/atoms/matter cannot exist without a negative wave of electrons surrounding it which creates a neutralization.  This band of electrons basically holds the matter together and binds it into a specific solid creates solid matter. Without it...we and nothing else would exist. We would be free floating energy, it seems much like the entities we encounter. The problem we encounter in locating the “energy” from the “other side” is probably a dimensional one to boot, but although electrons may be a specific point, it is an alternating wave so it constantly changes and is hard to find/see. In order to see it we would shine light on it. However, light itself is a wave or frequency and the introduction of a new wave disturbs the electron and thus the object. The substance of what we’ve come to know in our world… our universe as matter, something solid and tangible, is really just energy…a series of waves.

So, as you can see, one of the reason investigations are held at night in the dark has a very legitimate and logical reason behind it. Paranormal investigating is a learning process for us all. New technologies, as well as old scientific theories or laws are being revisited to help us better understand what we need to do to better accomplish our goals.

So, don’t use your camera flash or flashlight unless you have to!