EVP #5 - Does anyone recognize this EVP as ....

Does anyone recognize this male voice as possibly saying something in another language? This EVP sounds like something one might hear from a Star Wars movie bar scene. I'm not sure if it is just a slur or a slurred attempt at saying something in another language that I can't identify. PLEASE take a listen and if you recognize it as an attempt at speaking something in another language, let me know. Your help is much appreciated EVP #5

EVP #3 - What do you think is being said

This is a class A EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena - A voice that is not audibly heard with your ears at the time, but later discovered on the recording upon review). The noise in the background was ambient to the location in which this was captured. It actually created a good and consistent white background noise. The only two people present at the time are another male investigator and me. You will here me say something about wanting to move camera location. It seems I got a response by a woman. There is a slight drop in the background hiss in the beginning, due to me removing it in part. EVP#3