Collective Database for Paranormal Evidence – Poll results

Recently I posted a poll on a few sites and asked: Should there be one all inclusive collective database in which all captured paranormal evidence can be submitted, stored, and accessed by registered users? I left the question rather open ended as to the specifics to see what the comments would be. I received very mixed responses to this question. Some responses were thoughtful, some …not so much. After the votes were averaged this is what they were:

 47%    Yes

40 %    No

13%     Not Sure

Rather than me try to interrupt what these responses mean in terms of the future wave of the paranormal community, I will post some of the responses, either in whole or part.

 YES Votes

If submissions are strictly voluntary, why not?

I would like to see a centralized location where serious minded investigators/researchers can have serious peer reviewed evidence deposited in a categorized manner.

I think it IS a good idea, I think. I’m wondering if you could draw upon examples from similar sites that collate scientific research in a certain area of study

I don’t see why there shouldn’t be one. I say go for it.

 It would give us all a more precise overview of what IS all going on. What type of paranormal activity is most prominent? It may help us develop more specific and better equipment. We may also find more identifiable patterns and make the capture of evidence less random.

Sounds like a good idea – I envision a constantly evolving Wiki-type site.

No Votes

The paranormal community is EXTREMELY fragmented. Who get to decide what “serious” evidence is? Since the poll doesn’t specify what quality of evidence would be stored I can’t imagine it working.

That would violate client confidentiality

I voted no because as investigators we are doing scientific research along with helping our clients out. When we are helping clients we are performing a public service. I do like the idea of a huge database, but it should be allowed to be accessed by the public as part of our public service, unless the accessed by registered means it is able to be accessed by the user just to put it up evidence. One other problem with the database is that if it is going to be governed or not. It is a very good idea to have a huge database but it has the potential to have its problems which also makes it a bad idea.

(NOTE by ME – Although this was a no vote, it sounds more like an “I’m not Sure” vote doesn’t it?)

I could see this turning into a giant pissing contest. Not to mention the Bozo factor…I don’t need my evidence criticized by people I know nothing about. I’m already critical enough of myself. Or maybe I’m just crabby today….;)

Not Sure

I voted not sure. The reasoning is because while it would be sweet to actually have thousands of people look at different things from everybody. It would seriously end up being one big bi#ch fest. Somebody would say it is this, the other would say it is that. Then you have complaining. A lot of people can’t take criticism at all. Also, if there were such a thing, there would have to be a way to upload the full investigation. So they can actually see/hear everything that went on just as the person uploading it did. That would blow out the excuse, “I wasn’t there so I can’t tell”. This way they can actually base their decision on the evidence review, and not just a few minute clip.