Ghost Culture


I recently received an email from an individual that has some paranormal activity occurring in his presence that has become more than bothersome to him. This man, I’ll name him William, asked for my help. Now here’s the kicker…he currently lives in Korea and previous to this he lived in France since 2005.  He did not state exactly where he moved from, but it is clear he lived somewhere here in The States before the move to France.

Rather than go into the specifics of his particular case, let me address something that is of great importance. Something that is seriously overlooked by most paranormal investigators when trying to discern the nature of a ghost, or what is happening, why it is happening, and how best to remedy it. Something that is often overlooked by paranormal investigators when trying to understand the cases they work on.  Culture.

Culture is what groups of people know and do.  I’m not an expert on this topic, but due to co-teaching one of my classes with a cultural anthropology professor, I’ve learn a thing or two that helps me serve those with ghostly activity better.  Learning from my teaching partner has moved me to explain the nature of ghosts in more depth with more specifics, thus better serve and educate my students and the public on the nature of ghosts or as we call them in the paranormal field, entities.

For years I’ve explained that an entity’s persona will reflect what his/her personality was while living amongst us. If Uncle Joe was a jokester in this life, he’s going to be a jokester in the next. Barring of course, they are not stuck in a death state or the like (even in a death state, underneath the confusion and sense of being lost, the same person that they once were here in this realm is still there.)  However, the something I’ve often failed to explain is all the other factors. An entity’s religious beliefs and collective social upbringing while living in this realm will be reflected in an entity's behavior too.  What defines a person’s culture is their association to a group of people and what they know, do, and believe.

An individual’s beliefs are influenced and defined by the experiences they’ve been exposed to, and the adoption of the specific social and religious confines of where the live, what they are exposed to, and what and/or who they identify themselves with. A Buddhist from India will have a very different view of ghosts than a Catholic from Indiana here in the USA.  Essentially, human’s act according to their culture. A set of thoughts, values, and beliefs that determines what they do and how they do it.

William claims he has been experiencing ghostly activity for several years, since about 2001. However, the events and nature of what has been occurring with him has changed more recently. The recent changes are making him very uncomfortable and even frightened at times. This change probably indicates that the original attachment he had is not the same and/ or one in the same now. He has more than likely either moved into a home with an entity attached to it and/or he has picked up another attachment along the way.

In general, there are so many variables when it comes to trying to deduce what specifically may be going on in a haunting case.  Some specific to the person, some specific to the location, and some are specific to circumstance.  When an investigator is presented with a case like this….it’s a crapshoot. The obvious distance between Korea and me is vast. This makes it almost impossible to offer great advice or a quick solution. It just simply cannot be done. Working with a “client” requires a LOT of information to be exchanged. For every answer given by a client, there is another question to be asked. Being a paranormal investigator requires observation, correlation, and deduction. All of those things require a lot of information to be exchanged before the investigation even begins.  Not being able to speak to someone in person and at great lengths, and not being able to be in the client’s surroundings makes the task of investigating near to impossible. In a case like this one, the trained observations an investigator would normally make themselves cannot be done.  Now, the observations, etc. is only coming from the perspective of someone who hasn’t been educated and/or trained to deal with the supernatural. This creates a deficit for both you and the client. The best someone like me can do if offer up some knowledge and some opinions.

In my opinion, if culture defines a person, and people define a culture, then culture is one of the most important aspects of knowing a person and/or a ghostly entity.  Both will act according to how they think they should act. If a person believes while living in this realm that when they die there is no afterlife they will reside in darkness and it’s lights out for them when they leave this plane. If a person believes that the dead only attach to a person to protect them or make them ill, then that is what will happen. If a person believes you immediately go to heaven and cannot have contact with the living, than more than likely this is what will happen when they themselves pass on from this world. The point I’m making is that a living person’s culture ultimately defines how they will experience life on the other side and how they should behave and interact with the living people here…you and me, here and now, in this realm we now reside in. Simply put, ghosts’ act how they think they should act….just like us.

So the next time you are wondering why dead Uncle Joe is behaving as he does, and doing what he is doing, you should do some research into Uncle Joe’s life and consider asking Uncle Joe’s family and friends a LOT of questions while keeping your eyes and ears open to all of his surroundings.

The Paranormal MD in the News

TPMD (Team Paranormal MD) investigated The historical Clayson House. I am lucky to have a team that is so committed and hard working. They are smart, competent, and continually striving to be better investigators. Come  meet TPMD and find out what the "Other Siders" voices have to say via audio captured on our audio recorders, then join us this Saturday in Palatine. Details can be found via the linked newspaper article.


The Relevance of The Space-Time Continuum - Revised

You may have heard the phrase “time slip” used in the past. A time slip could occur if one dimension slips into another. Other term associated with this one is: colliding dimensions, a tear in the fabric of time, time portals, wormholes, and so on. What all of these have in common is their association with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the space-time continuum. These “phrases” we use have much more to do with the science of physics than with science fiction as many seem to think. In addressing this topic and it’s relation to ghosts, or a haunting, and other paranormal activity, I first need to start with a little background information and scientific jargon. I promise to get through this part as quickly as possible so as to not bore you with daunting scientific details.

The first thing to note is that as humans in this vast universe we have personal perseptions that are quite limited. Within the time-space continuum, we are aware of and experience 4 dimensions, the fourth being the concept that space-time combines space and time within a single coordinate system, typically with three spatial dimensions: length, width, height, and one temporal dimension: time. There also are several proposed space-time theories that include additional dimensions. How many dimensions are needed to describe the universe is still an open question that no one knows the answer to yet. However, let’s briefly explore a couple of these theories now.

In string theory, elementary particles are not point-like, but instead are more like or similar to strings. In this speculative theory it is predicted that there may be 10 or 26 dimensions. There are various forms of string theory and each requires the existence of at least six extra spatial dimensions.

Brane theory is a short for "membrane" and is also sometimes referred to as the M-Theory, and would be viewed as a sheet floating in a fifth dimension. The M-theory predicts 11 dimensions: 10 spatial and 1 temporal.

One excepted theory is that these other dimensions beyond what we consciously know now are copies, but not exact replicas of our own world, our own self. I find this theory particularly interesting, and plausible. However, I believe in the theory that other dimensions are really not just different “worlds” or copies of our own, but temporal, and that each dimension would be comparable to what we understand a year of time to be. "Time” as we know it and live it, is playing itself out accordingly like our own dimension. It is possible that time does not run linear, but may coexists side by side in other dimensions. As humans our awareness of time and space is usually limited by our own dimensional existence, within our own space and time, and is usually not affected by these other time dimensions. However, if a clash of dimensions were to occur, then we could be witness to time slips or wormholes.

In our minds we pass the years one by one, one after another, moving forward; year 1999, year 2000, and so on. You could compare the passing of time like our use of linear measurements. It’s kind of like taking measurements of an object or in this case space/time with a ruler. You start at the beginning and calculate 1 inch at a time and as you move up the ruler in a linear fashion in specific spatial increments… 2 inches, 3 inches, and so on. So let’s use a ruler to represent the passing of time. It will really help if you try to see an actual ruler in your head as I move forth with this explanation.

Picture a ruler in your head, and each inch on the ruler represents a year; inch number 1 /year 1. In this view, time would start at the beginning in year 1 and move forward one at a time until we reach the end of our existence at year 12 (I know only 12, but just stay with me on this). This ruler represents space-time running linear, in a straight forward sequential motion. We move forward through each inch which represents each year, one at a time, remembering our experiences of what has passed as we go. We are aware that more years lie ahead of us, but we have not experienced it yet, thus there is no conscious comprehension of its space. We assume in our conscious known world we cannot move backwards to what has passed, nor are we able to jump ahead, and that we can only move forward in specific spatial and temporal increments.

Okay, I know this may be getting confusing…please stay with me on this as it gets easier and does make sense.

What if space-time does not run in a forward linear motion only as described above, but coexists in a different way that is normally inaccessible to us? What if space-time coexists side by side? I want you to now picture in your mind a horse track and race. At the starting gates all the horses are lined up next to each other, side by side. When the race begins all the gates open at the same time and the horses take off into their designated lanes which are only separated by a visually thin line. As the race continues you will notice that often the horses cross over into other lanes other than their own which were originally designated for them. When a crossing like this occurs the horses risk bumping into each other, and occasionally the horses do bump together.

The gates represent the beginning of time as we know it and exist side by side, and as the race begins all gates open simultaneously. Each lane represents a dimension, and each dimension represents a year, and each has its own lane that is only separated by a visually thin line that can easily be crossed.

This example is a rudimental analogy of time playing itself out in other (side by side) dimension to our own. It is time (other years past or future) existing in a different “realm” or dimension. If dimensional clashes were to occur, or a tear, wormhole, or portal exists, or is accidentally created between dimensions, a time slip may occur. Meaning, we could bump into other living people, etc., and they into us, literally, or figurative and we become witness to oddities we can’t explain. The “other side” is really the same world we live in, but it is just a different year/time than currently in our own realm.…or as described above, like a crossing over into another lane other than our own and vice versa.

When it is said that “time is relative”, in its simplest terms, it means time is a perspective. And that perspective is thought of in our own individual mind, in this tangibly viewed world of ours.

In the paranormal field we come across what is referred to as ghosts or entities. These “other worlders” may not be ghosts at all, but we suspect that some of the intelligent interactions, as well as some of the residual activity may be due to a crossing over of dimensions created by a collision, a tear, time slip, or wormhole. Some may be temporary or permanent. It is possible that some of what we witness is not the dead, but we are witnessing people who are very much alive. People who are living their lives out in a normal timely fashion, just like us, but in their own dimension. And when we come across them with startled eyes and/or ears, because we think they are ghosts, they too are startled by us, and may think we are ghosts.

It is even possible while we think of them as ghosts of a time passed and gone, they may view us like we are aliens from the future. They may also view us as if we are their past and they may think we are dead. So as ridiculous as it sounds, as of now this all does remain a possibility, and no one knows for sure yet what it is that many experience. We are still limited by our own current scientific understanding. However, our limited perspectives according to what we know now should not preclude other possibilities. For if we were to rule out these possibilities than we might as well just label Einstein as nothing more than delusional.

With all that has been said, additional dimensions to the ones we’ve come to love and know as our reality may also lend itself to other types of ghostly sightings now known as residual haunts. Residual haunts that some refer to as energy imprints may occur if there is a tear or ripple in the fabric of time, a dimensional tear that would be better descibed as a portal or wormhole. It may be possible that what often comes across as a film loop (seeing/hearing a repeat of the same "scene" over and over again) isn’t really residual imprinted energy, but just a glimpse though a specific portal or wormhole in time into another dimension. It would be kind of like looking at something through a tiny hole or tear. It is impossible to see everything going on all around everywhere and we’d only see a bit or portion from a specific vantage point. If the wormhole remains open to that specific point in time, it would only be a snapshot of that time,  or a video clip of a moment in time. And although this is all that we see and/or hear, the fact may be that life is moving along in a full and complete and timely fashion on the other side of this small pin pointed hole, but we just can’t see it.

So at this point in the article you Christians are yelling, “But Mary, what about intelligent interactions with those that we know are dead? What about the belief in heaven?” My answer to you is this: As a Christian I believe in the existence of heaven, and since no one in this realm can definitively with proof tell me otherwise, I believe that heaven most definitely exists. Since heaven is a place we can't normally see from our realm, I believe it simply exist in another dimension. The intricacies of God and the universe are quite amazing.

In conclusion, the discovery of, and definitive proof of multiple dimensions, as suspected and theorized by the scientific community may be the key to unlocking the answers to the explanations we currently seek in the paranormal community and in general as humans.

How Do Spirits Experience Time?

A few days ago I received an email form one of my readers, named Rich. His email inspired me to write this blog article.  The following is a paragraph from his email to me. I've always wanted to know how spirits experience time. Are they aware of time passing 24 hours a day? Seven days a week? Are they aware of the weeks, months and years since they died? Are Civil War soldiers aware that they've been walking around Gettysburg for over 140 years? If spirits are conscious of time passing the same as we are, it must be incredibly boring for the intelligent variety.

The short answer to all these questions is, no one knows. Sorry Rich, I know you were hoping for a more definitive answer than that. However, it is the only truthful answer I or any other person can give. Yet, in light of what we do know and/or theorize, I will try to give you some things to mull over in regard to your questions.

There are several theories based in science that indicate that those who have passed from this world, or those entities that exist that were never part of this world, do not have the same understanding or passage of time as we do. Many psychics and mediums also seem to indicate that time has no meaning to those on the “other side”. I continually ask the other siders thie question, "Are you aware of time as we perceive it?" Once, I got an answer via an EVP. The male responded, "No"

It would stand to reason that due to being a free floating type energy there would be no constraints, and space-time, and distance would be irrelevant, and they would not experience the passage of time as we do.

Quantum theory not only specifies new rules for describing the universe, but also introduces new ways of thinking about matter and energy. The tiny particles that quantum theory describes do not have defined locations, speeds, and paths like objects described by classical physics. I would think that our development of classical physics which is derived from the nature of our universe and dimensional matter, that the existence of time in this plane would only serve us, not them. So it is more than likely from this perspective, that time is basically a non existent form of calculation by the entities. Thus our free floating friends would have no use for “time”. Although they may not experience our time as we do, intelligent entities do seem to have a consciousness and often seem aware of our constraints by time.

Those who have died from our realm and passed on, whether you believe that to be heaven or simply another plane elsewhere, may be existing in a different dimension from our own. Since they are a free floating energy the constraints we experience with time and matter would not apply to them. Therefore they would be able to pass back and forth from their realm into ours and visa versa anytime they chose to. Although they are aware of our experiences with the passage of time, they would not experience time as we know it.

In a residual haunting that is due to what is often referred to as an energy imprint or if it is energy trapped in this realm there is no consciousness. It is simply a form of energy that plays itself out like a looped video. Since there is no consciousness whatsoever there would be no awareness of time or any other matter or thing. If a residual haunting is due to a time slip, a cross over of dimensions, or one sided wormhole, there is a consciousness. In these circumstances they are very much alive, like us, but living in a different space-time dimension than ours.  However, just like us in this realm, that consciousness is based in their realm and space-time.

There is probably 3 different ways a time slip or wormhole could occur; we notice them, but they do not notice us, they notice us, but we don’t notice them, and then there are the time slips in which we notice each other. Keeping this in mind, that although there is a consciousness by both involved, the awareness of time is subjective. The Gettysburg soldier who is preparing for battle may suddenly see me strolling across the now historic battlefield in the year 2010, and he hears me talking on my mobile cell phone. In his weary state he may rub his eyes thinking he has become delirious or may run in fright because he’s seen a strange in appearance ghost. That same civil war soldier may be at rest in his home when he looks up and sees me sitting in a chair in his home. Putting his fear to the side he may ask me, “who are you, where are you from?” I may not answer because this time slip is only one sided, and I am unaware him and of his time dimension. If it is a mutual, but partial time slip, he may see and hear me, but I may only hear him. If he were to ask me what year is it I would answer 2010, but I would more than likely be unable to answer him as to what year he is living because I simply wouldn’t know.

So although no one knows for sure yet how space and time is experienced by the other side, science and parapsychologist do indicate that time is not experienced by the other siders in the same way that we experience it. So the next time you come across a ghost from years past or future, just flash them a smile and ask them yourself.….you may just get an answer.

What do you think this EVP says?

I'm attaching a first in a series of EVPs that I'd like for you my readers to voice an opinion on. I know what I think each is clearly saying, BUT maybe my ears have gotten too accustomed to reviewing. It is scratchy sounding but you should be able to make out what is said. I'd like to know if others hear what I hear. I really am curious, so please express your opinion and leave a comment. Please be patient while audio loads and turn up the volume on your speakers

EVP #1