Crystals - The Power to Be or Not to Be


Do you think that quartz crystals have some magical powers? Do you believe a crystal can protect you from evil? Do you believe that quartz crystals have mood boosting healing powers? Are all the claims of psychic enlightenment phooey?

I’ve heard time and again from psychic mediums that crystals ground them, protect them, help them meditate, and increase their abilities. I’ve also heard about its wonderful powers that help heal those with health problems.

In the past when I heard this I thought, wow that’s some amazing claims. I immediately would start to think that this religious connection people seem to have with crystals is astonishing. Even if this is all in their heads, they believe, and if they believe it will work, then certain actions will follow….all because they believed.

The notion of crystals having healing properties is nothing new. The fact is that as much as 2000 years ago man held crystals in high regard. Many cultures believed that crystals could change evil to good and a crystal was considered protection. It was capable of healing one’s spirit and body as it would purify. Crystals were often coveted sacredly.  Crystals have been a part of this earth since…well, before Earth had a name.

Now none of this is news to me, however, I still only thought of them as those mystical energy stones that started to gain popularity again about the same time the word hippie became a common term. Once the new age movement started to take hold, as did meditation and energy healing, I still only had affection for crystals. Spiritually I believed there must be something to all this, at least that’s what I told the right side of my brain to appease it, as I carefully gathered stones and crystals for my medicine bag.

Recently however I’ve expanded my knowledge about crystals. It all started when I questioned why crystals are used in watches, transmitters, etc. What I learned somewhat appeased my logical, scientific side and somewhat relieved my spiritual side of the burden of proof.

Quickly before I continue on I want to inform you of some facts. All energy works in a transferring way. Energy never dissipates but only changes form. Heat and light are a good example. A couple of ways heat transfers or changes is through the process of convection or conduction. There is a movement or an exchange between gases, fluids, and solids. The sun warms the earth through the radiation of electromagnetic waves.

Crystals have a natural frequency as does most everything. A crystal's pitch is determined by its shape and size. Crystals are used when accuracy, and precision and control are needed. Crystals are piezoelectric. Which basically describes the relation between a mechanical stress and an electrical voltage in solids. It converts the electrical energy to acoustic energy, and vice versa. It amplifies and stabilizes alternating electric fields. As a transducer it is capable of changing its vibration, frequency, and will resonate.  When exposed to other energy fields it will basically sync and the two will resonate. The two will relate harmoniously. The polarized molecules will align themselves with the electric field, resulting in induced dipoles within the molecular or crystal structure of the material. The two…sometimes opposing fields, will lock into each other’s natural frequency and create a reinforcement and stabilization.. Thus the “grounding” effect.

There is a theory that psychics and mediums do what they do because they are better able to “tune into” the electromagnetic frequencies. In the world of ghosts and haunting electromagnetic fields play a big part in various ways. We are consistently learning about what atmospheric and otherwise type changes occur and don’t occur when paranormal events take place. Think about all the times you’ve heard on the TV shows about how some people are more sensitive than others to electromagnetic fields. Often referring to the bad…sickness, fear, hallucinations, but nonetheless, some people are more affected than others. There is always some type of reaction or interaction between our own energy field and the fields in the world around us.  On the positive side of this, if a person is more sensitive to these fields, it is obviously affecting their own body’s energy field.  I wonder how many of those who seem hypersensitive to EMF in negative ways if trained to channel the EMF differently would  happen to be psychically inclined? The bottom line is it is suspected (but not proven) that mediums are able to work kind of like a transducer does. Think audio recorder and a microphone which is a transducer. It changes acoustic sound into an electrical signal and is translated into words we hear via electromagnetic induction. Mediums. healers, and psychics,  read and translate energies, and connect with and tune into the electromagnetic fields given off or that occur by or around an entity. I suppose it could be describe as, they tune into and are able ride the wave of communication with the Other Siders. It would be like if we turned on the radio to take a listen to the programming being cast across via radio frequency waves through our air space. Mediums, like us taking a listen to the radio, sometimes get a clear signal and sometimes don’t.

Now enter in healers or those who use crystals as a healing tool. Healers use a crystal (sometimes a crystal wand) in their healing of a person who may be depressed and /or ill. Again, is it the calming, stabilizing effect between the crystals energy vibrations and the energy vibrations of the person receiving that creates a stable resonance for healing to occur? I think it may. Do I think it cures or has some magical, mystical power, no. However, I do believe it may work as a platform for healing to occur.

As I began to understand more about the practical principles of crystals, I started to put things together. If crystals have a stabilizing effect on EMF transmissions, this should include the capability to sync and stabilize the EMF emissions the human gives off. It is said, for a person, the key to experiencing the positive effects of a crystal is to find one that “matches” (will resonate best) with one’s self.  That a person needs to find the correct crystal(s) for themselves and this is because of the many types, sizes, and shapes crystal can be obtained in.  This means that the vibration/frequency will differ from crystal to crystal. So be aware that if there is too strong a frequency or one that doesn’t resonate to your own human frequency it would have a negative effect instead of a positive one on your person. It is suggested that if you find a crystal to keep on your body let’s say as a necklace or whatever, and you and the crystal aren’t syncing, than a person could begin to experience negative or ill effects.

I never really understood before what was meant when the term “grounded” was used. Now I understand the term “grounded” when used by psychics/mediums and healers, simply means there is a stabilization of energy fields created by a precise, harmonious, and strengthened resonance. Think …. of a humming motor.

So crystal really may amplify and increase your energy. They may really help to stabilize your body’s energy, and thus your mood and health. They may even aid in helping one heal. Can I say for sure, without doubt that crystals do all the things that others claim it does?  No. But just in case, look what I just bought. ;o)