Why is Bob Naked?!

At one point or another we’ve all questioned, why it is that when a person sees a ghost they are always wearing clothes? Now come on…you know you’ve wondered… There are several theories as to why sighting of these illusive entities, if seen as full bodied apparitions, are always described as wearing some particular type of clothing. One theory; our brain, in trying to decipher the energy imprint and or experience tries to visually relate it to something familiar stored in our memory bank. Closely related to this theory, and only a slight step to the side is the simple belief that we see what we expect to see. In other words we don’t really want to see grandma standing naked before us. Another theory is that the entities themselves “show” themselves to us as they want us to see them or in a way that is familiar to us.

I’m not sure if I buy into any of these theories. All too often people who report ghost sightings individually of each other, and at different times, usually report very similar, if not an identical description of the clothing they saw the apparition wearing. So with this in mind, I’m not convinced of any one theory yet. One thing I’m sure of is a majority of people are traumatized enough from the experience of just seeing a ghost. Now add in seeing grandma nude,  in all her glory....that might just send many into therapy for years. It would give a whole new meaning to the term “flashed”.

Let’s say my dear brother Bob passes on from this life into the next. Then one evening I’m sitting chatting with my sister over our sadness in how much we miss Bob. Then just as tears are filling our eyes, Bob appears as a full bodied apparition there in the room with us, right before our eyes. My sister and I are both startled but delighted to see him…well, except for one disturbing thing …Bob is completely nude. It is at this point with my head cocked to the right and my face cringing, I turn to my sister and say with shocking disbelief, “Why is Bob naked?!” And without missing a beat she replies, “I don’t know, but apparently what they say about German men is true"...and then we both bust out laughing. Our laughter quickly fades as we notice that Bob doesn’t seem to notice or care that he is standing in front of us baring all. Then it all just gets weird and creepy.

Now with all this being said, let’s say Bob, while living on this earth, was a nudist. He lived in a nudist community/village. Being naked is natural, comfortable, and an acceptable state of being for both Bob and Bob’s family. So here’s my question: Do those people who consider themselves “nudist” mostly see their ghosts with NO clothes on? Oh, how I wish I could interview a nudist community, and take a survey to find out the answer to this question. Hmmm… I think I may just have to put this interview idea on my "to do" list.

my apologies to any German men who may have been offended by remarks in this article. It's just a little humor! ;o)