Metaphysics, A branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate structure and constitution of reality, of that which is real, to the extent or degree in what makes it is real. It is not easily definable. It is philosophical, theoretical like much of quantum physics yet goes beyond it, spiritual, and natural. It embraces both mind and matter. It is a look at our universe and existence, our reality and combines it with the non-tangible, and thus combines, the mental, spiritual, and the scientifically unanswerable and philosophically speculates about the nature of reality.

The term, which means literally “what comes after physics,” was used to refer to the treatise by Aristotle on what he himself called “first philosophy.” In the history of Western philosophy, metaphysics has been understood in various ways: as an inquiry into both the mental and the physical, and as the study of reality, as opposed to appearance of reality; also as the study of the world as a whole. Holistic practices, astrology, and forethought are part of metaphysics too. Holistic practices combines the mind, spirit, and body, and is considered the complete approach in bringing healing or wellness to an individual by taking all into consideration with the understanding that there is a balance needed and an intertwined relationship between everything. Simple meditation is metaphysical too, in that it focuses on bringing the spirit, mind, and body into balance with each other.

Metaphysical science in part explores the non-physical aspects of reality. Due to its very nature it cannot be accurately measured using data that relates to the five physical senses. That is why quantum physics, which delves into nature that precedes the physical manifestation, cannot produce consistent and duplicateable results and is sometimes called the science of probabilities.

Interesting enough, psychics and mediums are embraced by metaphysics. Psychic healers, energy healers, spiritual cleansing, and mediums who spiritually channel the unseen use their body, spirit, and mind to bring the scientifically unknown into our reality. Since science itself has differing opinions as to what creates our reality, metaphysics long and varying history has carved itself a permanent notch as a field  scientific study. So metaphysics task and burden is to encompass at all times all the other fields of study and knowledge and to create a complete and whole approach.

These days a term such as New Age is used to describe aspects of metaphysics. Most often, crystals, aromatherapy, and healing stones are considered part of new age spiritualism, and thus may be considered a form of a paganistic religious practice.

The problem with metaphysics is that it is difficult to find a concrete and tangible way to document its truth due to the nature of itself and its part in defining our reality. For what is reality? The philosophy and broad concepts of metaphysics do not lend itself to controlled experimentation. It is a study of what is beyond what we consider normal, and beyond current fact and law. Another difficulty is that in trying to understand what is “metaphysical”, one must include all other categorized studies that lend itself in creating the whole of what we philosophize as our reality and beyond. In other words it is undeniably impossible to even try to find proof of substance when we are still philosophizing over what should be considered.