A Paranormal Poke


Just poking a little fun at paranormal investigators and enthusiast like myself.

It seems that even when dealing with the dead, one has gotten to be politically correct. Investigators and bloggers of the paranormal choose their words carefully in order to not offend …..and maybe to separate themselves from certain implications and public condemnation. So here is a quick translation of the following words or terms and why they are used or not used.

Entity – A neutral word that is used often due to its homogeneous nature in order to describe a separate and self contained existence. An entity comes from no where in particular and could come from anywhere. It is a likable and non-specific all inclusive term

Spirit – Rarely used word because it is too closely related to the religious sector indicating faith rather than fact. May also indicate affiliation with one religious denomination over another…not good to do

Ghost – What can I say about this old fashioned word but: May be hip but it's not sic

Other Siders – Those that are intelligent and non-conformist.They are from There not Here

Beings – This word is never used by paranormal investigators. We don’t want people to think we believe in aliens too ;o)

Ectoplasma – It’s like calling a human a disgusting, ugly ameba.

Apparition – A widely used term to describe the manifested form of an “entity”. Acceptable unless combined with the word ghost or spirit

Phantom – Seriously…no one uses this word unless in association with the opera