Metaphysics, A branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate structure and constitution of reality, of that which is real, to the extent or degree in what makes it is real. It is not easily definable. It is philosophical, theoretical like much of quantum physics yet goes beyond it, spiritual, and natural. It embraces both mind and matter. It is a look at our universe and existence, our reality and combines it with the non-tangible, and thus combines, the mental, spiritual, and the scientifically unanswerable and philosophically speculates about the nature of reality.

The term, which means literally “what comes after physics,” was used to refer to the treatise by Aristotle on what he himself called “first philosophy.” In the history of Western philosophy, metaphysics has been understood in various ways: as an inquiry into both the mental and the physical, and as the study of reality, as opposed to appearance of reality; also as the study of the world as a whole. Holistic practices, astrology, and forethought are part of metaphysics too. Holistic practices combines the mind, spirit, and body, and is considered the complete approach in bringing healing or wellness to an individual by taking all into consideration with the understanding that there is a balance needed and an intertwined relationship between everything. Simple meditation is metaphysical too, in that it focuses on bringing the spirit, mind, and body into balance with each other.

Metaphysical science in part explores the non-physical aspects of reality. Due to its very nature it cannot be accurately measured using data that relates to the five physical senses. That is why quantum physics, which delves into nature that precedes the physical manifestation, cannot produce consistent and duplicateable results and is sometimes called the science of probabilities.

Interesting enough, psychics and mediums are embraced by metaphysics. Psychic healers, energy healers, spiritual cleansing, and mediums who spiritually channel the unseen use their body, spirit, and mind to bring the scientifically unknown into our reality. Since science itself has differing opinions as to what creates our reality, metaphysics long and varying history has carved itself a permanent notch as a field  scientific study. So metaphysics task and burden is to encompass at all times all the other fields of study and knowledge and to create a complete and whole approach.

These days a term such as New Age is used to describe aspects of metaphysics. Most often, crystals, aromatherapy, and healing stones are considered part of new age spiritualism, and thus may be considered a form of a paganistic religious practice.

The problem with metaphysics is that it is difficult to find a concrete and tangible way to document its truth due to the nature of itself and its part in defining our reality. For what is reality? The philosophy and broad concepts of metaphysics do not lend itself to controlled experimentation. It is a study of what is beyond what we consider normal, and beyond current fact and law. Another difficulty is that in trying to understand what is “metaphysical”, one must include all other categorized studies that lend itself in creating the whole of what we philosophize as our reality and beyond. In other words it is undeniably impossible to even try to find proof of substance when we are still philosophizing over what should be considered.

How Do Spirits Experience Time?

A few days ago I received an email form one of my readers, named Rich. His email inspired me to write this blog article.  The following is a paragraph from his email to me. I've always wanted to know how spirits experience time. Are they aware of time passing 24 hours a day? Seven days a week? Are they aware of the weeks, months and years since they died? Are Civil War soldiers aware that they've been walking around Gettysburg for over 140 years? If spirits are conscious of time passing the same as we are, it must be incredibly boring for the intelligent variety.

The short answer to all these questions is, no one knows. Sorry Rich, I know you were hoping for a more definitive answer than that. However, it is the only truthful answer I or any other person can give. Yet, in light of what we do know and/or theorize, I will try to give you some things to mull over in regard to your questions.

There are several theories based in science that indicate that those who have passed from this world, or those entities that exist that were never part of this world, do not have the same understanding or passage of time as we do. Many psychics and mediums also seem to indicate that time has no meaning to those on the “other side”. I continually ask the other siders thie question, "Are you aware of time as we perceive it?" Once, I got an answer via an EVP. The male responded, "No"

It would stand to reason that due to being a free floating type energy there would be no constraints, and space-time, and distance would be irrelevant, and they would not experience the passage of time as we do.

Quantum theory not only specifies new rules for describing the universe, but also introduces new ways of thinking about matter and energy. The tiny particles that quantum theory describes do not have defined locations, speeds, and paths like objects described by classical physics. I would think that our development of classical physics which is derived from the nature of our universe and dimensional matter, that the existence of time in this plane would only serve us, not them. So it is more than likely from this perspective, that time is basically a non existent form of calculation by the entities. Thus our free floating friends would have no use for “time”. Although they may not experience our time as we do, intelligent entities do seem to have a consciousness and often seem aware of our constraints by time.

Those who have died from our realm and passed on, whether you believe that to be heaven or simply another plane elsewhere, may be existing in a different dimension from our own. Since they are a free floating energy the constraints we experience with time and matter would not apply to them. Therefore they would be able to pass back and forth from their realm into ours and visa versa anytime they chose to. Although they are aware of our experiences with the passage of time, they would not experience time as we know it.

In a residual haunting that is due to what is often referred to as an energy imprint or if it is energy trapped in this realm there is no consciousness. It is simply a form of energy that plays itself out like a looped video. Since there is no consciousness whatsoever there would be no awareness of time or any other matter or thing. If a residual haunting is due to a time slip, a cross over of dimensions, or one sided wormhole, there is a consciousness. In these circumstances they are very much alive, like us, but living in a different space-time dimension than ours.  However, just like us in this realm, that consciousness is based in their realm and space-time.

There is probably 3 different ways a time slip or wormhole could occur; we notice them, but they do not notice us, they notice us, but we don’t notice them, and then there are the time slips in which we notice each other. Keeping this in mind, that although there is a consciousness by both involved, the awareness of time is subjective. The Gettysburg soldier who is preparing for battle may suddenly see me strolling across the now historic battlefield in the year 2010, and he hears me talking on my mobile cell phone. In his weary state he may rub his eyes thinking he has become delirious or may run in fright because he’s seen a strange in appearance ghost. That same civil war soldier may be at rest in his home when he looks up and sees me sitting in a chair in his home. Putting his fear to the side he may ask me, “who are you, where are you from?” I may not answer because this time slip is only one sided, and I am unaware him and of his time dimension. If it is a mutual, but partial time slip, he may see and hear me, but I may only hear him. If he were to ask me what year is it I would answer 2010, but I would more than likely be unable to answer him as to what year he is living because I simply wouldn’t know.

So although no one knows for sure yet how space and time is experienced by the other side, science and parapsychologist do indicate that time is not experienced by the other siders in the same way that we experience it. So the next time you come across a ghost from years past or future, just flash them a smile and ask them yourself.….you may just get an answer.