The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016
Oct 16

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference 2016

  • UWM Student Union

I am a speaker (Lecture title - Paranormal Entanglement) at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference and I will be holding a workshop, entitled Ghost & Spirit Entities there during the Con.  I highly suggest attending this Conference as it it truly encompasses all in the paranormal field and not just ghosts. So if you are interested in ghost, UFOs. cryptozoology, and so on, you'll want to get tickets to this conference event. 

And for fun? A Masquerade Ball!



Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con 8
Oct 9

Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con 8

  • Willowbrook Ballroom

I will be doing a new presentation in combination with friend, and Kettle paranormal case partner, Jay Bachochin of WPI Hunts the Truth. We will be presenting our findings and other case info regarding out paranormal finding at the Kettle Moraine. Is bigfoot really there? Did we find a sasquatch structure? Dogman? What are the light anomalies all about? Native American  or homesteader ghosts? Is there a portal? Is interdimensional travel possible? These and other questions will be addressed in our joint presentation on this case.

This case into a different than my usual ghost research has been an interesting journey for me personally. I now know that my approach to investigating, researching, and documenting can apply to any paranormal investigation. Just the details change. So keeping the scientific method approach in mind and approaching evidence and findings like a crime scene, Jay and I continue our research into the various phenomenon occurring there


Ashmore Estates 100th Birthday Special Paranormal Event
Sep 11

Ashmore Estates 100th Birthday Special Paranormal Event

  • Ashmore Estates

This is going to be an awesome celebration! Come attend and meet many favorites in the paranormal industry. I am honored to have been asked to be a presenter at the event. 

There will also be paranormal investigation led by some of your favorite para-celebs that you can get tickets for...and I suggest getting them now as they are almost sold out!

Not only will we be helping celebrate the 100 year old building but we will be helping a great cause as all proceeds from this event will go to help Lost Limbs Foundation.  If you are not familiar with them please click on there pic and check out their website. 

Now what do we have planned for you at Ashmore Estates for this memorable weekend?

On Friday the vendors and celebrity guests will be arriving and getting set up.  The entire event will open at 12:00pm and continue until 5:00pm.  The building will then be closed at this time to allow all to grab dinner before 30 ticket holders will be investigating with Christopher Saint & Rachel Marie Booth.  Christopher & Rachel have asked for those attending to dress in period costume of what someone would have worn at a poor farm from 1916-1959.  The tickets for Friday night are $100 each and as mentioned limited to 30.  Joining this dynamic couple will be Brad Klinge, Chad Lindberg, Jim O'Rear, Scott Tepperman, Scotty Rorek, Ben Hansen, Mary Marshall, Rosalyn Bown, & Mary Barrett.  AN ALL STAR CAST AT A BARGAIN PRICE. 

The investigation will run from 7pm - 1am.

On Saturday the vendors and celebrity guests will be arriving at the building about 9am and will be available during the day until 5pm.  We will once again shut down the building at 5pm and prepare for the Saturday night investigation again with Christopher & Rachel.  We will continue the period costume event and the celeb guests will once again be joining them. 

In addition on Saturday we will have a raffle, auction, music, and so much more going on at the grounds.  There will also be a wedding at Ashmore Estates on Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday will continue with the celebrity guests and vendors at the building from 9am - 3pm.  A special Sunday service will also be conducted Sunday morning at 10am. 

We have so many more details to come but want to get some of this awesome information out to you now so you can start planning.


10:00 am10:00

Paranormal Event in Palmyra WI

  • Powers Memorial Library

I am doing a paranormal presentation entitled Paranormal Entanglement, at the in Palmyra WI. Come join me and a bunch of other great people for this!  Let's do some serious ghost, alien, cryptid talking!

So come on out and meet me, Mary Marshall, The Paranormal MD!

Global Pyramid Conference 2016!
May 15

Global Pyramid Conference 2016!


I will be doing exclusive live radio coverage at the Global Pyramid Conference 2016! I have lined up a bunch of knowledgeable interesting presenter to speak with and interview. The podcasts will be available for download here on my offical website and on my Youtube Channel at


7:00 pm19:00

Live Feed During Outdoor Investigation in SE WI

I usually never miss an investigation hike, but this time I may have to. So I may or may not be attending this live feed investigation. Either way, be sure to check out my good friend and research partner on this case, Jay Bachochin and guests as they hike through an area riddled with paranormal phenomena.