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Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con 8

  • Willowbrook Ballroom 8900 South Archer Avenue Willow Springs, IL, 60480 United States (map)

I will be doing a new presentation in combination with friend, and Kettle paranormal case partner, Jay Bachochin of WPI Hunts the Truth. We will be presenting our findings and other case info regarding out paranormal finding at the Kettle Moraine. Is bigfoot really there? Did we find a sasquatch structure? Dogman? What are the light anomalies all about? Native American  or homesteader ghosts? Is there a portal? Is interdimensional travel possible? These and other questions will be addressed in our joint presentation on this case.

This case into a different than my usual ghost research has been an interesting journey for me personally. I now know that my approach to investigating, researching, and documenting can apply to any paranormal investigation. Just the details change. So keeping the scientific method approach in mind and approaching evidence and findings like a crime scene, Jay and I continue our research into the various phenomenon occurring there