The Paranormal MD - Live at The Intl. & Scientific Global Pyramid Conference (Part 1)

Join host Mary Marshall for the popular segment on each show: 
Weird World News & What You Didn't Know.                                                      

Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always informative & entertaining

Air Date: 5-14-16

The Paranormal MD Radio Show is out of the ordinary talk radio!

Ghosts, Fringe Science, inter-dimensional beings, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, cryptids, and conspiracy theories are some of the topics that will be up for discussion. Discover burgeoning fringe technology and theories that are relevant to our everyday lives. Toss into the mix some current news, some humor, some insight, and some personal perspectives from your show host and her guests, and you have an awesome show you won't want to miss!

Talk radio just got weirder, wiser, and more interesting!

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Show Details: Host presents Ghosts Stories, Weird World News, and Guest Interview

Guest Info: Dr. Maureen Clemmons - Dr. Maureen Clemmons is the president of Transformations. Her work is currently the subject of a History Channel documentary, Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones. Wind, Obelisk, and Pyramids

Anita Meyer - Anita Meyer has a degree in Criminology, a linguistic decipherment expert in ancient writings in the fields of orthography, paleography, and graphology 

John ShaughnessyA few of John's professional achievements as engineer, inventor, writer, and a contributor to theoretical physics, John has been an independent researcher of ancient technologies for over thirty years. His first book Pyramid Gravity Force, published in 2012, is about his discovery of ancient technology on how all the Earth's large pyramids align with sister volcanoes and work with the Moon's gravitational force for specific geo-engineering purposes