The Paranormal MD - Topic BioHacking & Transhumanism - Ryan O'Shea

The Paranormal MD - Topic BioHacking & Transhumanism - Ryan O'Shea

Air Date: 11-11-16


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Show Details: Topics: BioHacking, Transhumanism, Cyborgism, and Guest Interview with Ryan O'Shea, TV Host, producer, and futurist

Guest Info:

Ryan O’Shea is an American television host, entrepreneur, public speaker, and futurist. He is best known as a host and producer of Pittsburgh American Broadcasting Company affiliate WTAE-TV’s online lifestyle and entertainment channel, 4 the 412.  He is the creator and host of the futurism, science, and technology themed podcast Future Grind, and is a public speaker on futurist topics such as biohacking, transhumanism as it relates to body augmentation, biohacking.  O’Shea has spoken at conferences around the world on the topics of human enhancement and futurism. O'Shea serves as the spokesperson and advisor of Grindhouse Wetware, a biotechnology startup company that creates technology to augment human capabilities.

Show Info: Ghosts, Fringe Science, inter-dimensional beings, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, and conspiracy theories, and true paranormal crimes, are some of the topics that will be up for discussion. Discover burgeoning fringe technology and theories that are relevant to our everyday lives. Toss into the mix some current weird world news, some humor, some insight, and some personal perspectives from your show host and her guests, and you have an awesome show you won't want to miss!


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